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Get up and stretch to relax.


Courtesy Photo - Kathy Miller

Are you over worked, worn out, out of shape or stressed? Do you need to loosen up and improve your health and well-being, while being on a budget? September is National Yoga Month, so here are some tips and ideas to help keep you going while on a busy schedule.

If you have wanted to try yoga but haven't had the time or money, has a Yoga Month Card that entitles you to a week of free yoga if you are a first timer.

Kathy Miller is the local instructor for Colorado Springs and she teaches yoga classes at Accolade Fitness, located on the west side of the city by Garden of the Gods. Accolade Fitness is a beautifully remodeled space, with state-of-the-art equipment for a $20 monthly fee (which includes tanning) and no contracts. With the membership, you can take a guest for free every time you work out. It can be a different friend or even a member of your family each time.

Kathy teaches yoga in a gym, but it's not a gym style yoga class (the classes are not just about physical fitness). She teaches a variety of yoga styles (which combines them into a hatha blend) and has classes for all-levels, which no two of them are alike. Each class is unique, as is every student. She strives for each class to contain a little bit of every aspect of yoga – postures, breath work, relaxation, meditation, philosophy and etc. Her classes are about helping the whole person, not just one aspect of them. The class favorite is usually savasana – the final relaxation. Students often don’t want it to end because the energy created in class is awesome.

She wants yoga to be available to everyone, so she teaches on a donation basis. The minimum she asks for is $5 a class. Classes at Accolade Fitness are reserved for gym members. Anyone (including non-members) who want to try a yoga class, can attend their first class for free (you just need to sign-in at the front desk). She has a few extra mats available to borrow, if you want to try a class before purchasing. 

Other teachers and studios, also often offer first time students a free class to try it out. This is a great way to try different styles of yoga and see if a teacher clicks with you. There are many different types of yoga and teaching styles for everyone. If the first class that you try doesn’t work with you, then try another. Classes can vary greatly, so try out a variety of them.

Courtesy Photo - Kathy Miller

Don't have the time to go to a class or are you shy? Than here are some at home tips for to get started at home.

A mat.  They can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, other fitness/sports stores as well as Marshall's and start at around $10.

Yoga Books. Try your local library. You can check out different kinds of yoga books there. Or if you want to keep the book, try used books stores like Poor Richards Bookstore on Tejon. If you have some books that you haven't read, than you can sell them your unused books to get store credit.

Yoga on DVD. You can also check out DVD's at your local library as well or you can go on-line and reserve one to try, before purchasing. Try your local Freecycle group or you can try Craigslist.

Yoga on the Web. Kathy has a blog,, where she periodically posts yoga information, events, and other interests for her students and blog followers. Try doing a search on Google or Yahoo for other yoga sites, blogs, and newsletters.  Yoga Journal is another great resource. You can find articles on almost anything yoga related. It has a comprehensive pose finder, with detailed instructions on performing the postures. They also have a video library of short yoga sequences, which you can watch or practice along with. Yoga Today offers three different yoga teachers and classes, with different yoga styles and levels of difficulty. Yoga classes are changed out periodically and a new class is posted every week for you to watch on-line or whenever you want. If you subscribe for a $10 monthly fee, you can choose any of their 180 classes that are available at any time.

Courtesy Photo - Kathy Miller

ExerciseTV on Demand. If you have a digital box through Comcast, than you can use ExerciseTV. This is a free, video-on-demand network that is dedicated to the hottest workouts, fitness trends and sports training from top instructors and trainers. You can workout on your schedule to hundreds of fat burning workouts like cardio, abs, yoga, dance and more. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on demand with your digital cable and online at ExerciseTV. This is a joint venture between Comcast, Time Warner Cable, New Balance and Jake of Body by Jake.

Anyone, no matter the age, can practice yoga to increase their health benefits. It can help lower blood pressure, decrease stress, gain greater flexibility, enhance brain function, lower cholesterol, improve skeletal alignment, strengthen bones and joints, improve respiration, loss weight, enhance circulation and many more benefits.

Yoga isn’t just a physical exercise program. It is a scientific system that is designed to generate greater clarity and harmony in your life. Through regular practice you will likely notice you are stronger, slimmer, and more flexible you. You may also notice that you are more patient, mentally sharper, and better able to handle stressful situations. No matter where you practice yoga, get up and give it a try. There are so many benefits to gain from practicing yoga and it can be practiced for a low cost. So get up and strike a pose and get started on your journey to better health and peace of mind.


  • Lauren 5 years ago

    ExerciseTV is amazing, it is free with my cable provider and it prevents me from making up excuses to not exercise! No matter what it is there 24/7 to work me out on my time. I really like the Make Me Over series and workouts they have right now about these three women trying to lose weight and live healthier lives.