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Get up and stand in Victory!

A few weeks ago a message was shared by our pastor that is such a timely reminder for all Christians today.

Sometimes we get caught up in the stuff around us and in our life we forget that we stand in victory, we are not victims! You know God did not send us Jesus for a partial victory it was for complete victory!

We find ourselves sucked into the world through the media, TV and more, in some cases falling into their mindset forgetting we have victory! We find ourselves caught up in their stories of being the victim and admiring them. We need to be looking at those around us who have walked through trials and endured them. It is far more edifying to admire those who have endured their trials than those who gave up.

It is said that faith that cannot be tested cannot be trusted. As you encounter your trials know in your heart that faith comes by hearing and faith grows by obedient overcoming. What does that mean? It means to get up, fight back and do something about it basically take action and trust God.

Many will say because they are struggling God is not real, it is the total opposite. God will test our faith by trials and situations the key is to understand that and move forward in faith. So many times when trials would happen to me there would be a variety of emotions before realizing if God brought me this far He would not abandon me, trust Him! And so I did, the end faith grew and my trust in Christ grew along side it. The best part was being watched by those around me. Yes, some watched to see how I would respond and some watched hoping to see me fail. The joy was in the end as I stood in victory in Christ. It helped some build their faith as well.

When we lost everything it was devastating to us as a newly married couple. We kept our eyes on the cross and trusted that God had a bigger and better plan for us, yes at times it was really hard to see the victory. Some were betting our marriage would fail because of it, while others watched to see what the Lord would do in our life. As the trial continued our marriage grew stronger and out faith in Christ grew as well. At the end of it all we stood in victory together and we were blessed to later hear how many marriages we helped by our example through the trial.

Who is watching you? What does your life say to them? How is God reflected in your daily life?

What we do is noticed even if we are never told, so what do you do? Get up and stand in victory the battle has already been won!

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