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Get Traumatized by Vicksburg author Alexander S. Brown

Traumatized by: Alexander S. Brown
Traumatized by: Alexander S. Brown
Alexander S. Brown


By Alexander S. Brown

What better way to enjoy the Halloween holiday than to read gripping tales of the macabre. Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown has Fifteen compelling story involving every day normal people who find themselves crossing a forbidden line they didn’t believe, or in some cases, know existed. Witchcraft, Voodoo, Monsters, and the psychotic, run rampant through the pages of this book, surprising you at every turn. But that is only just a few of the creative stories and characters you will meet in this book. When reading each story, you can feel the life behind each character. In Traumatized, Alexander Brown has managed to take the horror genre to a whole new level, personalizing each story until you are compelled to believe them to be true, but then maybe they are. Maybe Mr. Brown has only gone deep into the subconscious mind and brought forth our scariest nightmares, our worst fears, and placed them on these crisp pages. It is more than a fantastic read, it is and an absolute must on Halloween. However, if you are not able to get it time for Halloween, Traumatized is just as good a read any time. Your curiosity however, may leave you just a bit unnerved and once you have read this book you may perceive the world slightly different then you did before. 

Alexander S. Brown, residents in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and is an aspiring young author with definite potential to become well known in his genre. Traumatized, is his first completed short story collection, and he is working on several more. He is currently working on a series of novels including chronicling the lives of residents in a town that is damned. He has also been working on a fantasy/horror trilogy.