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Get Total Fitness Training For Healthy Living in Phuket

Fitness training works towards overall healthy living style and well-being. Physical exercise is very important to keep your body fit. This helps not only for physical appearance but most importantly to maintain good health equally.

I recently came across PhuketFit in Thailand where they provide training programs to look and feel healthier and get rid of excess fat in the body. They provide regular workout regimen that improves overall appearance markers of good health such as muscle tone, healthy skin, get aware of poor diet and shift to healthy diet.

They provide 3 kinds of programs such as Weight loss, Detox and Cleanse and Total fitness of the body. There are different packages available ranging from 7 day program to 28 day program.

Here are the facilities provided:

  • Personalized weight loss program
  • Large Studio room and luxury partner resort
  • Talented health and fitness training professionals
  • Large private bungalow with bathroom, fitness Gym
  • Health diet food
  • weight loss management
  • One to One Program instructors
  • Cleansing drinks
  • Liver flush drink
  • Daily Thai Oil massage
  • Highly trained Thai masseuses
  • Daily Herbal Saunas
  • Young coconut juices
  • Shuttle bus to the beach
  • Cleansing handbook
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Vegetable broth
  • Yoga and fitness classes
  • Air conditioned Gym
  • Daily pro-biotic
  • Meditation class

You do not need to be totally fit in order to start their program. So many people visit there are completely out of shape. They do provide one to one training programs if they are quite unfit. Physical exercises are suggested to increase the level of fitness to get you well prepared for the program. Rest of all will be taken care by the professional trainers located at PhuketFit.

Also there is no need to bring or buy nutritional supplements before joining the program. If they are necessary they they will be provided by the trainers suggesting proper dosage at the specified timings.

The age group of the people generally varies between 24 to 44 years but there are few people who are bit younger than the minimum specified age or even some people over 44.

There is no need to worry about if the program camp will be overcrowded or not. They always maintain limited number of people to get this quality training instead of quantity. In case if the people are exceeding then they provide extra classes for them.

There is no mandatory requirement that you need to stay only at their resort. You can even stay in any accommodation outside the resort. You can email them so that you can get directed to the nearest stays.

These programs really help you to kick start a new healthy lifestyle and thus bring positive changes in your life. I strongly recommend to attend these training programs and enjoy good health.

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