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Get to work on building neighborhood opportunities

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Mayor Faulconer will go his own way on investing in neighborhood growth during the recovery in San Diego. Falling back on the plan for private investment deals that step up opportunities for business growth and work inthe low to middle calss neighborhoods that lost the economic market guarantees they had during the recession would be a failure to keep the neighborhood recovery plan former mayor Filner promised alive. San Diegans already face lowered opportunities to, in any short time, undo the labor market damage done by the recession.

Settling for an easier and mor epractical private investment plan is a simple pick and choose approach to taking charge in the mayor's office after the former mayor left officce, and his plans went with him. Stubborn adaptions of city plans to a new leader's agenda, after the key to the city is handed from Interim Mayor Gloria to Mayor Faulconer, will not do enough to save the new neighborhood growth the city had in hand. Worse, cutting down the bridge, and doing it all one's way, does not count for standing one's ground. The One San Diego plan, made to conenct Filner's past unfinished term to Faulconer's term that runs to the end of four years, cuts off many plans to lend financial support to small enterprises.

Local citizens already heard their promise on helping small businesses manage worn down finances in a market money is given to entrepreneurs and business owners with tight reins, or, at the best, slow.

Building up opportunities south of I-8, without building up average productivity inside the neighborhoods, takes enterprise work investors inside the neighborhoods with the earnigns to prop up jobs and businesses that spread opportunities other locals can take. Storing up outside money inside the neighborhoods will not give locals near the opportunity to plan their own future neighborhood growth.

New Mayor Faulconer's plans to share the city's wealth aross San Diego's neighborhoods saves local enterprise makers from losses. It does not save them from a lack of locally settled steady opportunities to build up their own deal making plans.

Less than average neighborhood growth will last the rest of Filner's four year term. Filner's pride in using his time in mayoral work to prove his liking for sexual relationship friendly workplace policy broke down the several month attempt at across San Diego neighborhood growth. Enforcing the policy the city chose, and Filner took up, demoralized the city of locals who count on their city government to always finish work on its plans.

Out over a year in time, San Diegans have to settle for neighborhood investments from the group of investors who can step in and work together on an off track neighborhood investment plan now rebuilt for classier investors.

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