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Get to the stylist early to possibly get a free haircut

The other day, I got on the bus and headed over to the Visible Changes over at Barton Creek Mall. I needed to get my hair did pretty bad; I was sporting a major mullet and fitting in a little too well with my fellow bus-riders.

So I arrive at my appointment at 9:00am. Yes, I'm an early bird, so I'm kind of a dork, but being early has its advantages. Little did I know that I was about to get my haircut for free.

You see, my stylist had called in late to work because her car had "broken down." At first I was kind of upset, and I sat down in the waiting room and sulked. But then I overheard the manager talking to a customer who really wanted to see my same stylist. I heard the manager say a bunch of stuff, and then I distinctly heard the word "free."

So I went up to the manager and I actually said, "Did I hear someone say 'free'?"

And the manager explained to me that I could stay and wait for my stylist, or I could re-schedule for the next day, and as a way to compensate for my trouble, they would make my hairdo free!

So I rescheduled my appointment for the following day, and I ran out of that store as fast as I possibly could -- this streaking mullet running through the mall -- before they could change their minds.

I came back the next day, and they did my hair free-of-charge, just as they had promised! And Visible Changes is kind of a pricey store, so that's saying something!

It just comes to show that, if you schedule early for your styling in Austin, you never know how lucky you might get. Not only will you look like a million bucks, but you'll save plenty of money as well.