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Get to the ‘root’ of the problem with Rita Hazan gray concealer

“This is the worst day of my life,” wrote a friend on Facebook, “I found my first gray hair,” it continued. Truer words were never spoken. Many women just can’t face that first strand of gray which often rears its ugly head just when you’re going out and want to look young and lovely. No worries, Rita Hazan to the rescue. The award-winning celebrity colorist has line of root concealers you can do fast at home with a quick cover-up.

DIY root repair
Patti Pietschmann

The advanced new formula features two ounces of color-perfection in five shades to match:

  • Dark brown, blck, ebony, raven and even deep dark espresso.
  • Light Brown for all shades including chocolate, amber and sable.
  • Red for auburn, copper, strawberry, bronze and ginger.
  • Blonde that touches up honey, golden blonde, beige, champagne and sandy shades.
  • Dark Blonde for roots of honey blonde, darker blondes, ash blondes and caramel.

The collection is made from natural pigments and contains no alcohol, ammonia, peroxide, parabens, sulfates or synthetic dyes. They are the first root concealers sprays on the market offering temporary yet water-resistant benefits.

Applying the concealer is a little tricky. My first attempt proved messy with much of the spray hitting my face. You need to be careful and aim a small amount of concealer using the pinpoint actuator directly to the offending area (hold can 6 to 12 inches from the roots). Don’t worry if you miss, it doesn’t stain and wipes off with alcohol or soap and water. The product works best on dry, styled hair.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer costs $25 at her New York salon, at, Sephora or

So say goodbye to the gray today or at least until you can get over to your colorist for full treatment. Watch the video for more DIY root repair.

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