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Get to know Alessio Romero; girl named first Perky Booty at Michael Brandon's Foreplay


Porn daddy Alessio Romero, Photographer Locoya Hill and myself at Foreplay
Photo by Philip Carrizosa 

Last month, hunky Ricky Sinz was the first porn star featured at Michael Brandon presents Foreplay at The Mix.

Friday, April 23, Brandon invited sexy pig Alessio Romero from Los Angeles to show off for the crowd.

The tattooed Mexican, sexy daddy has been in the industry less than a year, filmed almost 16 movies and has already shot films with some of the biggest companies in the business, Falcon Studios, Hot House and Channel 1 Releasing. With hot scenes come hot costars and names like Samuel Colt and Conner Habib come to mind instantly.

The self proclaimed “pig” said while on stage with Michael Brandon, “I love p!ss play.” P!ss play usually consists of sexual acts involving urine or urination.

The seven inch, cut, versatile performer spoke about his experience in San Francisco, especially the gyms as compared to Los Angeles. “I love the gyms here” Romero began. “You guys have stream rooms.” Romero started porn because “I got laid off. Before porn, I was doing consulting advertising work.”

During the interview, Conner Habib was in the house and was asked by Brandon to join himself (Brandon) and Romero on stage. Romero and Habib spoke about the “Flip-flop” - or “coin toss” as Brandon refers to it as - scene between each other for  Before Habib departed the stage, he and Romero gave the crowd a teaser from their flip-flop for The steamy make-out session warmed-up the chilly audience as they looked on from the back, outside patio of The Mix.

After getting to know Romero better, Brandon and Romero began the perky booty competition where the winner would receive $50.00 in cash. Last month a handsome African American boy, - with a boy so nice it would make you cry - won the completion. Click to read last month’s Foreplay at The Mix.
This month eight contestants including a woman competed for the title of Perky Booty. Brandon and Romero made sure to get a “taste” of each contestant but the audience chose the winner which proved to be the solo woman this month.

Next month, San Francisco photographer Locoya Hill will be the guest host while Big Brother season 10 and porn newcomer Steven Daigle is the star in the hot seat. Come on down for some Foreplay May 21 at The Mix.

Michael Brandon Presents Foreplay @ The Mix
Featuring Steven Daigle, hosted by Locoya Hill
Friday, May 21st
4086 18th Street | 6:30pm, 21+