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Get to know Adam Korson, the winning star of The CW's new quirky comedy 'Seed'

The CW is building a comedy block on Monday nights with the addition of Seed, a Canadian comedy series about a bartender who discovers that his past sperm donations led to relatives he didn't even know existed. That main character, Harry Dacosta, is played by actor Adam Korson, and we checked in with Adam last Tuesday to discuss the series and Seed's debut in front of an American audience.

Adam Korson stars in The CW's newest comedy series, 'Seed,' airing Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT. Check out photos from the first season here.
Courtesy of The CW
Adam Korson stars in The CW's new comedy series 'Seed,' airing Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT.
Diana Ragland/Courtesy of True PR

What's interesting about Seed is that, while CW viewers are just now seeing season one, the show has already aired two full cycles in Canada on City. So how has it been for Adam to go back to the start for American audiences? "It's actually really cool," he told us. "I've been living in Los Angeles for so long, and I have so many people that are close to me that are here. It's reallycool to finally be able to share this with people I've been talking to about it for so long. I totally welcome this premiere in the US.

"It is a little weird, like Back to the Future. It's like Marty McFly going back to 1955," he laughed. "We're reliving it again. And especially going through the second season where the characters have already grown so much, now to go back to the first and look at where we were then, it can be weird, but in a good way."

"It's a fun show. It's funny," Adam said. "There's so much stuff going on in the world today, and our show is an escape. It's a half an hour where you're going to laugh and hopefully fall in love with these characters and the relationships that they have. You're going to see Harry getting himself into situations, and trying to get out of them, and helping the kids, and everyone trying to find their place as a family. It's a show that you're going to want to tune into and just enjoy."

Seed is the actor's first series regular role - to have made it to air, that is. "It's so funny, because I had done pilots before where I was a series regular, but if they're not picked up, no one knows about them," he commented. "I've led plays before, [so] it wasn't so much of a shock to me, being put in that position [of being a series lead]. I think I was ready. My skill set was in place to do that. I took it with open arms.

"I've been working for a long time; you work hard every single day to be in this moment," Adam continued. "What's great about this moment, though, is I get to share it with so many people. It was the first script I had read in a long time where I laughed out loud. [Creator] Joseph Raso was able to write a script that had heart and wrote characters that are relatable.

"Walking into this environment where there was a certain level of trust in our production and a certain level of collaboration in our production...I'm grateful for the opportunity, because it is kind of rare. I'm humble and grateful and proud."

"With Harry, it was one of those really rare occurrences where I got him very quickly," he told us. "I understood who this character was. I think when you read Harry off the page, sometimes he can be taken as a manipulator, a jerk, a douche, all those horrible words. [But] what stood out to me first and foremost was his heart. That was kind of, for me, the way into Harry. He's a man-child. I thnk he says things and he does things from a selfish place at first, but he's always the first guy to say he's sorry or take care of the ones that he loves and will always be there for the people that he loves.

"So when I found that very, very quickly - when I was in the audition phase was really where I found him - you just get to play with these layers and you really discover a lot more to the character. At a certain point, you kind of start driving the character a little bit more. The longer you go, the better he is, and the more layered he is. There was this really cool progression and process of going deeper with the character.

He laughed, "It's going to be really exciting to see Harry in the sixth season."

The show also serves as a huge platform for Adam, whose previous credits include the cold open for the pilot of 2 Broke Girls, an episode of A&E's The Glades, and an installment of Hallmark Channel's Signed, Sealed, Delivered which featured comedy legend Carol Burnett. He's also working on a website called "Awkward Moments and Misunderstandings," which is exactly what it sounds like. You can visit the site ( to check out videos of awkward moments and misunderstandings, and even submit your own stories of awkwardness.

With a great sense of humor and plenty of charisma - you can see why he's playing a bartender, because this is the guy you'd just want to grab a drink with - Adam has the potential to go very far in his TV career. But his pride and joy is the work he's doing on Seed. "I'm so proud of the show. I think it's something out there you can just escape into. You can just laugh for half an hour," Adam told us, leaving us with this piece of parting advice: "Love life, laugh, be happy. We only have one."

Seed moves to a new time slot beginning tonight - 9 PM ET/PT on The CW. You should also check out Adam on Twitter (@KorsonAdam).

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