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Get to know actor Mathias Retamal

Actor Mathias Retamal
Actor Mathias Retamal
Mathias Retamal

Supernatural’ fans know Mathias Retamal as one of Crowley's minions in season nine’s episode 'Do You Believe in Miracles.' Yet this talented actor has quickly found his niche in the acting biz. With family of Chilean decent, he has this amazing look and is landing job after job. Along with ‘Supernatural,’ he had a guest role in the series ‘The Tomorrow People,’ and will be playing a character in the upcoming TV series 'Intruders.' His career is really taking off with even more roles in the movie ‘Abc's of Death 1.5,’ TV show called ‘Rush with Rick Gonzalez,’ and WWE/LionsGate film ‘Vendetta.’

Q. You play one of Crowley’s minions in the episode ‘Do You Believe in Miracles.’ What can you share with your fans about how the cast and crew welcomed you to the set?

A. Everybody was really nice and professional. You could feel the excitement around because it was the last episode and everyone wanted to get it done; but done right if you know what I mean. It was a pretty awesome experience for me being in such a legendary TV show. I was a bit nervous. I'm not gonna lie to you ha ha, but everybody treated me like royalty so that was pleasant.

Q. What can you say about the TV series 'Intruders.'

A. I can't tell you much to be honest, but all I can say it's a new hit TV show. It's a cop drama series with some supernatural things happening. I play the role of Juvenal, a Latino gangster with a thirst for revenge! I had the opportunity to work with Eduardo Sanchez the creator of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ which was really unbelievable to be frank. I'm just starting in this business and to have him on my resume...I couldn't be more proud.

Q. Tell your fans about any other projects that are you currently working on.

A. I have big things coming up. First of all, soon I'll be in the movie ‘Abc's of Death 1.5’ with the segment ‘M is for Matador.’ The story is about a sadistic killer who goes by the name 'El Matador’ who is tormenting his victims in a bull-like fashion. I play the matador. It was directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero and written by Shane Mckenzie. It's on YouTube you can look it up if you don't want to wait—ha ha ha. After that I'm on another TV show called ‘Rush with Rick Gonzalez’ (Coach Carter) and he's the kindest actor I've ever met. Next week I'm going to be in the next WWE/LionsGate big feature ‘Vendetta’ with the one and only Big Show!! I'm so excited about this one 'cause it's big literally! It's directed by the Soska twins, who are amazing and I'm super pumped! But wait there's more, LOL. I will be in the next Mexico Barbaro movie with the segment ‘Dia de los Muertos,’ (the day of the dead), a massive revenge movie. Finally, Gigi Saul Guerrero and Shane Mckenzie are joining forces again to make the next big thing in horror, which I am proud to be a part of ; ‘El Gigante.’ Think Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with a Mexican twist!

Garrett Black and I may come back in ‘Supernatural;’ who knows ;) Other than acting, I am also in the process of developing a long time dream of mine on the writing and producing side of things. Recently I got in touch with executives from Robert Rodriguez' El Rey network, who will be taking a look at my script at the end of the summer. You guys should follow me on twitter for more updates @MathiasRetamal.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents that your fans would be surprised to know about?

A. Mmmmm I don't know if it's a talent but I speak French and Spanish?? Well, if you're really looking for a talent you should ask my ex-girlfriend lol. I kid I kid.

Q. I'm going to end with what's become my signature question. If you were a baseball player, what would your walk up song be? What song pumps you up and inspires you?

A. This one is easy; ‘La Cancion Del Mariachi’ by Antonio Banderas. It's in the movie Desperado directed by the man who gave me my dream, Robert Rodriguez. And Antonio Banderas my inspiration. The first time that I saw ‘Desperado,’ I knew it was possible for us Latinos to break into the American film industry. He did it, they did it and I'm next. That song gets me every time. Brings me closer to my goal which is work with Mr. Rodriguez. I have faith; I just gotta put the song on, follow the path and believe. Salud!

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