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'Get this motor oil off of me' says friendly dog left tied up at animal shelter

Meet Diego who was doused with motor oil to cure his mange by his previous owner.
San Antonio Humane Society

On Friday, August 15, a two-and-a-half-year-old Airedale terrier and Rottweiler blend was discovered after his former owner left him tethered to a pole at the San Antonio Humane Society according to the organization's press release.

As soon as the dog spotted the animal welfare staff approach him, the friendly dog immediately rose to his feet and happily wagged his tail. He was ready to begin his day, and followed his rescuers into the building for an immediate bath; the dog was covered completely with motor oil. Surely if he could have spoken, his first words would have been,

"Could you get this gooey stuff off of me so we can play?"

Given the name Diego, the happy pooch needed numerous baths to undo the mess someone had applied in the hopes of getting rid of their dog's skin condition and hair loss. Diego was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, a contagious although completely treatable condition, caused by microscopic mites. There are still people who believe that treating mange with motor oil is a viable solution.

For now, Diego is in need of a foster home. All medical expenses will be paid by the San Antonio Humane Society, and Diego will be required to have follow-up vet visits as per his medical schedule.

Diego is a charming, friendly and wonderful dog; he will need to be fostered until he finds the perfect new home.

If interested, please please visit or call (210) 226-7461 ext. 120 to speak to the foster care supervisor.

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