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Get in the Zone- the Green Zone

Green Zone
Green Zone

Paul Greengrass (director of Bourne Supremacy) once again flexes his directorial muscles in a mind bender action film. Green Zone is a pulse pounding, heart stopping, combat movie.

Matt Damon hits the screen as Chief Office Roy Miller who is in charge of leading his team of men to uncover weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The only problem with his missions is that there are never any plots to uncover. The weapons of mass destruction simply do not exist.

Chief Miller must make some crucial decisions regarding the work that he is ordered to do, and what his gut tells him needs to be done. Filmed at various locations throughout the Middle East and Africa, the scenery lends a vivid back drop to the story line. It invites us into a soldier's frustration and gives us glimpses of the horror, destruction and constant fear of death accompany anyone who lives through an international conflict.

  Although the essence of war itself can never be truly captured without first hand experience, this film brings us as close to a military conflict as any of us wish to see.