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Get the WOO out of HOO and do what's best for YOO


Have you ever tried something new with great enthusiasm to only have it deflate and bring you down? Did you ever consider that perhaps it wasn’t the “thing” itself that failed – instead it was YOO? To be successful at anything NOO you have to prepare, be patient and persistent. If it’s losing weight, a business or Job, relationship, or starting anything NOO, it doesn’t matter.

Like many people, I’ve never been a fan of Network Marketing. But I became part of one recently because of how effective the products are and what I’ve personally experienced from them and what I’ve witnessed them do for others! And wanting to be better at marketing the opportunity as well as the products, I decided to follow my life coaching advice and prepare – learn from others successes before me and read to learn what to DOO!

I started reading The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing last night and right off the bat, I was confronted with some awesome success advice - a big ol' "WOO"!

The contributing author, Brian Biro, says to go ahead and say it out loud “WOO!” I have to admit, it makes me feel GOOd!

WOO stands for Window Of Opportunity and every WOO comes from precious moments.

What Brian means is every moment can be precious and we never know what's heading our way - is the person you meet today going to become a lifelong friend? We never know if what we say or share ignites a change in someone's life for the better forever. We never know if the next idea that pops into our own head is going to create a change in our own life. We never know how what we learn today can redirect our tomorrows for greater success!

But I feel Brian has forgotten one thing…

Where's the HOO?

I don't know about you guys, but as a Memphian, born and bred in the Mid-South, I instinctively follow my WOOs with HOOs when spoken out loud! I also discovered something else… I lead with HOOs to create WOOs!

I'm going to take the liberty to expand on Brian’s wonderful advice and explain HOOs here.

HOO will stand for Hour Of Opportunity - not just a single moment or word or action, but an entire hour set aside at different times of the day or week to better individual well-being!

Personally, I use WOOs when I'm making choices about what I'm going to eat and drink - taking the opportunity to better my health or make it worse. It’s all up to me to seize the WOO – or end up in a WOE!

I also take at least one HOO a day for exercise and meditation. I find it difficult to function and stay focused if I don’t take time to RE-NOO!

As Memphians we have our unique WOOs and HOOs! Did we take a HOO to create WOOs at the Memphis ZOO? Did we take advantage of the WOO when we went out for BBQ? Do we always choose what's best for our success with the HOOs and WOOs? I try too, do you? If you don’t you’ll end up BLOO!

Brian ended his contribution with this advice:
The past is history
The future is mystery
The gift is NOW
That's why we call it THE PRESENT!

The lesson I believe to be TROO - Life is a gift that keeps on giving, be sure TOO remain open for each moment and decide what’s best for YOO with WOOs and HOOs!


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