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Get in the Super Bowl mood with a look back at 'Tecmo Bowl'

Tecmo Bowl sets the tone for Super Bowl Sunday
Tecmo Bowl sets the tone for Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday and what better way to get in the mood for the big game than by playing a good old fashioned game of Tecmo Bowl.

For those that grew up with only Madden, Tecmo Bowl was the first football game made to actually use real player names. That being said, it was not allowed to use team names, so the 12 squads featured are only referred to by their city name.

Two of the teams coincidentally happen to be Seattle and Denver, this years Super Bowl combatants. Jon Elway of the Broncos was one of the top quarterbacks in the game, right after Dan Marino of Miami. The Seahawks roster was fairly weak, but was highlighted by Greg Gaines who was the top linebacker in the game.

Now not a single player from this game is still in the NFL, but after hooking up the old NES and picking Denver and Seattle, it is safe to assume that the final score of the Super Bowl will be 28-21 in favor of the Broncos.

With all that said, there was really only one player in the game worth using, and that was Bo Jackson. Jackson was the quickest player in the game, and a speedy player almost automatically translated to a victory.

The game was originally released as an arcade cabinet in 1988 and eventually for the NES a year later. For those that want new Tecmo Bowl, check out this website which features updated rosters of all 32 NFL teams. Fans of the original can play it on the 3DS, by downloading it on the eShop.

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