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Get the most out of your online presence: Outsource it

Jeff and Joylin Syme
Jeff and Joylin Syme
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By Ed Duffy

Social media and the mobile web are still relatively new to small business marketing, but they continue to gain in importance as usage continues to grow. Jeff and Joylin Syme recognized that most small business owners don’t have the time or the desire to become social media experts or spend half a day updating posts. They also don’t want to be left in the dust by competitors. This is an issue they aim to address with their new company Inspired Media Solutions.

Jeff was born in Long Beach California. His dad was in the Navy at the time, and when Jeff was just 6 months old they relocated to Charleston, SC. He did most of his growing up there, until moving to Key West for 3 years, then Colorado Springs for his senior year of high school. He was quite a competitive swimmer, setting a record at Sierra High School for the 50 meter freestyle. At the time, he wanted to race mountain bikes for a living. He met Joylin during high school. They were married in 1995 and have four children, Mikayla, Elijah, Isaac and Isabella.

Joylin was also born in California (San Jose area), but has lived in Colorado Springs since she was 2 years old. She is a musician and has done some freelance performances and still has her own custom jewelry business (Inspired With Joy Designs). But she has focused mainly on raising her four children.

Jeff attended UCCS for Computer Science and has worked for Safetran Traffic Systems, Symbios Logic, MCI, Compaq (then HP after the buyout) as well as a small company in Security, Innovative Concepts.

When HP downsized and Jeff was laid off, he found the job market to be tough, to put it mildly. He and Joylin had already been engaged in some ecommerce activity and were familiar with social media marketing, optimizing sites for mobile viewing, search engines and generally making the internet work for them. They were also aware that most business owners probably could use help in these areas. They decided to put their experience and expertise to work for themselves with Inspired Media Solutions.

Inspired Media Solutions can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That is ensuring that you’ve got the right tags, text, titles, and other key components within your website and links to it, to get a high ranking in appropriate searches. There are companies who engage in something called “black hat SEO”. That’s where you essentially include inappropriate keys to trick search engines into listing your site in lots of different searches. For example your bicycle shop might be listed under a search for doughnuts. This might get you some traffic in the short term, but it could also get your site flagged by search engine developers, who are constantly on the lookout for such shenanagans. Inspired Media Solutions does not engage in black hat SEO.

Inspired Media Solutions can also help put together marketing campaigns on Adwords, or Ad Center. They can put together email promotions and help restructure your website. They can also create a mobile version of our existing site, making it much easier to read and navigate from a mobile phone browser. Of course Inspired Media Solutions can also run social media campaigns on one or multiple accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle and Google Plus. They incorporate your input of course, as well as statistical analyis of your website data and they keep a very close eye on market trends through data provided by the major search engines and even the social media sites themselves. Fees depend upon the level and type of service, but can range from $350 to $2400

If you want to make effective use of the web in your marketing, it’s really not something you can do well “when you get around to it”. It takes time to learn what’s out there and how best to use it, and it changes almost daily. Consider outsourcing all that effort to someone who’s already on top of it and really enjoys it. You can contact Inspired Media Solutions at: or

website: (note: no s at the end of solution)

(855) 833-1110or (719) 650-3554

Facebook: Twitter: GoInspiredMedia


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