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Get in the game

Get in the game is not just the EA sports slogan. A lot of daters choose not to participate in the very complicated game of dating and relationships. A good percentage of people are single out of choice. Either they have been hurt in the past or all of it seems way too confusing and not worth the trouble. But it is time to get in the game.

Baron Baptiste instructs MyMS Yoga participants in modifying the three-legged downward dog position.
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Dating and relationships have become something that they have never been before. Due to the emergence of social websites and all the new technology we have become a society of instant gratification seekers. The thought of instant gratification has spilled over into dating. Now the goal of most is not to get married but to find gratification from as many people as possible while preserving the freedoms and perks of single life.

However for those few that still see the value in finding someone special and settling down with them, the dating scene is vicious. One person can only take so many broken hearts. After a while it doesn’t seem worth it.

If love is still your goal, don’t allow a few bad relationships change you. Stay true to what you want and it will manifest in your life. You just have to be patient. Do not settle for less than what you deserve either because in the end you will still be unhappy.

A few things that will help you through this dating lull are patience, good friends, keeping an open mind.

Patience is a virtue that a lot of daters don’t possess. But it will keep you in good spirits if your dating life has had repeated failures. Keep in mind that if you believe in what you want and are willing to work hard for it, it will come. What is a better way to meet new people while relieving stress than yoga? Yoga Fix in Kansas City offers flexible schedules and classes that accommodate beginners to yoga experts. Yoga isn’t only big in Hollywood, KC offers a variety of yoga outlets to fit your personal preferences.

Dealing with relationship drama is easier when you have good friends that will listen to you and coach you through your rough time. Take time to cultivate your friendships to take your mind off of your lack of romantic relationships.

Finally KC keep an open mind. It is disconcerting to hear people say that there are no good men or women to date. That is simply not true. You just have to open your mind to dating outside your race, dating someone younger or older than you or finding love over the internet. These were all previously viewed as somewhat taboo, but in today’s world we have to learn to adapt to change. Dating is getting harder so you need to get smarter.

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