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Get the Facts: Green County Pony Neglect


1. Are there actually any laws being violated?

Yes, Green County's own animal cruelty ordinance states the following: "Any person owning or harboring an animal shall provide sufficient protection from the weather." (Chapter C 7-4-13-2)

2. Ponies are livestock, so aren't they meant to withstand cold temperatures outside?

These domesticated animals rely solely on humans for their protection, as they are not wild animals. The two ponies in question are tied up with a short rope and only have a few oil barrels and sometimes a board or two of wood as protection from the elements. A proper shelter for these animals includes three sturdy sides with a roof.

3. Will all of these calls to the Green County Sheriff's Office impede on emergencies?

No, individuals calling to report the neglect are using the department's non-emergency general number, not 911.

4. Instead of complaining, why don't you do anything for the ponies?

The Green County Sheriff's Office is charged with the responsibility to uphold and enforce the laws, regulations and ordinances of Green County. Because they are unwilling to do their job, we must raise awareness and encourage others to call the Sheriff's Department.
In addition, the Green County Humane Society is a private organization, with no authority in this matter, nor do they investigate animal crimes.

5. What has the Global Conservation Group done to help?

When the situation was first reported to the organization on January 6, 2014 they've been encouraging the Sheriff's Department to take action. Since they refuse, the group has launched a campaign raising awareness and has filed federal and state complaints against the department.

6. What would need to be done to resolve the situation?

Brad Zweifel, the owner would need to be formally charged with neglect and his animals would need to have proper shelter. (three sturdy sides and a roof).

7. What temperatures have the animals had to endure?

The temperatures during the last 30 days have dropped to negative 50 degrees with windchill.

8. Have you tried working directly with the owner to resolve this matter?

The Global Conservation Group, along with multiple other local citizens and organizations have contacted the owner in attempts to resolve the matter. However, he became very hostile and in one instance, authorities had to be called.

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