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Get the Eduardo OST for free

While not perfect, Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a fun WiiWare title. It was released last summer for 800 Wii Points, and those looking for a somewhat simplistic but amusing shooter can find some fun in Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, especially if playing with a group of friends.

While not exactly the best game on the WiiWare service, Eduado the Samurai Toaster had some other strong points, including an absolutely delightful 2D world that was vibrant and uniquely stylized and a catchy soundtrack that fit the game’s theme well.

Those who enjoyed Semnat Studios’ first WiiWare offering or those just interested in hearing the game’s soundtrack can now head over to the official Eduardo the Samurai Toaster web site and download the game’s soundtrack for free.

The soundtrack by Raymond Gramke features all nine songs heard in the game, as well as what the web site describes as seven unreleased b-sides.

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