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Get Taylor Swift's Grammy Look For Less!

Free People Sequin Racerback Tank $58 - Zappos (Free shipping!)
Free People Sequin Racerback Tank $58 - Zappos (Free shipping!)

Taylor Swift's rocking a sequin mini at the Grammy's!

Taylor Swift was seriously glamming it up at the Grammy's. With her dazzling mini, she made jaws drop and now you can have that same look for a lot less! 

There's a lot of ways you can incorporate sequins into your daily wardrobe. Not all of us have Red Carpet events to go to, so for most of us having a full on sequin mini is out of the question (unless it's New Years Eve!). What's great about the pieces I've chosen is that they are all totally wearable for that special date night or just a simple day look with just a touch of glam that will have people turning their heads with approval! 

I've put together 4 options that are day to night appropriate. Each of these looks hit all the same notes as Taylor Swift's Sequined Mini and you can check out all the pictures in my slideshow below! 

I usually try to find options that fit all types of budgets but when it comes to sequins, it's hard to find non-tacky options on a cheap budget. And if your sequins look tacky - please don't even think about wearing them. So I tend to opt towards the higher designer labels because they really make these sequins look a lot more expensive and chic (and that's a hard thing to do!). 


Juicy Couture Sequin Drama Bib Necklace 


This necklace has the same exact tone as Taylor Swift's Grammy Dress and I love these ribbon ties! Pair this with a neutral colored tank (white, black and grey are always safe options) and jeans to add some sparkle that's perfect for a daytime look. Although the price is a bit steep, think of it as an investment because all you have to do is tie this on your LBD or over any sweater and you have an instant new look! The cheapest way to update your wardrobe is definitely with accessories. 

Express has a Sequin Mesh Tank which paired with leggings and black boots will make another great chic daytime look. I especially love Free People's Sequin Racerback Tank because paired underneath a black blazer gives you just the right amount of sparkle. Forever21 has a lot of great options now at their stores (their selection is not as wide online) but if you peruse their selections I'm sure you can find some tops with sequin touches that will be great additions to your wardrobe! Take this top for example - I love the hint of sequin shoulders!


Kate Spade Harper Sequin Flats


For a sequined day look there's a fine line between tacky and glam. It's important to remember that you just want to add just a touch of sparkle and accessorize with just some rhinestone studs or earthy jewelry. 

With sequined shoes its easier to pull of sequins with flats, such as these Kate Spade ones. For a cheaper alternative, take a look at these Free People Locomotive Flats - still gorgeous! When wearing pumps make sure the sequins aren't too sparkly or else they're just going to look tacky.These pumps have just the right amount of sparkle and would look great with some black skinny jeans! 

Gryphon Checkerboard Mini 


A sequined miniskirt is definitely the way to go. I love sequin minis because paired with a plain solid long sleeve (again in neutral colors) it's such a sexy date night look. I buy my solid long sleeve's at Target, they're cheap and comfy! 

Look at the model on the right - can this look be any more stylish and chic? I love Gryphon's Checkerboard Mini and how its styled on the right is exactly the perfect way to wear this look. A black blazer tones it down and notice that it's all paired with neutral colors - bringing the attention all on the skirt (and it should be!). A Common Thread and Gryphon makes some miniskirts that you have to check out. Sequins are definitely still a trend and I'm loving it! 


BCBG Sequin Embellished Silk Dress


BCBG always has the most gorgeous dresses and I love love love the dress on the right! I feel like it's Taylor Swift's Red Carpet Look that's just toned down a notch to make it completely wearable for those of us that aren't celebrities. I love the color tones of this dress and I would buy this in a heartbeat. 

For more sparkly tunics that resemble Taylor Swift's Grammy Look: LarokFreePeopleAlice + Olivia, Aqua and Gryphon (all gorgeous and in different price ranges!) that you can pair with these Bebe gold pumps to have Taylor's complete Red Carpet Look. If you feel that the gold pumps are too much, tone your look down with some black or nude pumps. I think these sequins would look great with a pair of gladiator sandals - check out these drool worthy Michael Kors. I feel like gladiator sandals make these statement dresses a lot more toned down and date-night appropriate. 


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