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Get started working from home

Start putting the work-at-home puzzle together
Start putting the work-at-home puzzle together
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In the last year of being an Examiner, I can't believe I haven't already explored the ins and outs of how to actually begin the adventure of working from home.  And, yes, it is an adventure.

After you have figured out what you want to do from home (which is a whole different article to write), then start your research with internet searches and library visits to find out how to monetize your area of expertise.

Here are some resources that may help with the basic business start-up information: 

  • The Colorado Secretary of State has a ton of information on what is required to start a business in Colorado.  For instance, do you need to collect sales tax?  Are you a better off as a Sole Proprietor or a LLC?  Is your trade name available?  I bet most of your initial questions can be answered on the site.
  • Need more nitty-gritty resources on employment or government issues? The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry can help quite a bit.
  • As much as we all hate 'em, taxes are a fact or business life and there may be some issues you need to familiarize yourself with before starting out. So check out Colorado's Department of Revenue for all the tax information you could possibly need.
  • And after the snooze you've taken from all that tax info overload, time to find out if your city or county (i.e., Douglas County) requires any special licenses or permits.  Some HOAs (Home Owners Associations) even have caveats related to conducting business from your house.

So, after you've cleared the way on all the boring, yet very important, piece of your business puzzle, it's time to get started on your plan...and we'll discuss that NEXT time.


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