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Jobs for freshers
Jobs for freshers

Soon before completing your graduation, most of you are bothered about the jobs, you would get to explore. This is a common concern for every student that has to be dealt with. While all these job related woes keep bothering you, all you can do is to look for the career opportunities available out there in the real corporate world. The career choices for fresh talent in this era are many. They have a lot to explore, from sales jobs to creative fields such as advertising, event management, digital marketing, and a lot more. All that it takes to reach out to these opportunities is the right kind of skills needeed for these professions.

The fresh graduates can easily access the sales jobs in banking & finance, retail, and insurance sectors. Besides, they are welcomed in BPOs and in other creative fields such as writing and designing. As these are skill specific jobs, it becomes convenient for the individuals to live up to the expectations of the employer with the right kind of skill set desired for the job roles. For instance, if you believe your writing skills are your strength, you can go on to apply for writing jobs and even the skills you possess would be enough to land you into these jobs. However, the pay scale initially offered in such jobs may not please you, but the fresher job would surely help you find your way ahead. As per the data compiled by a global research firm, the average salary paid to an entry level Content Writer is Rs 193,080 per year. Besides, if we consider the annual remuneration of a field sales executive in India, a person can expect to earn Rs 204,004.

The other job offers for fresh graduates includes those of marketing executives. One can always go on to find such jobs in FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and retail sectors. The job offers like these can be taken if you wish to excel in the marketing sectors. An entry level marketing executive can earn Rs 260,967 per year. Besides, if we consider the talent pool graduating in this era, the jobs like that of a social media executive, a communication expert, or a trainer are found more suitable to most of them.

However, with the changing trends, the demand for fresh talent pool is even found to be increasing. They are now welcomed across various sectors owing to their out of the box thinking, innovative ideas, and a bend towards technology. Even the leading IT companies and eminent names from other sectors are found hunting the best ones out of the fresh talent pool approaching them. The logic behind this trend lies in the belief that the young generation is more passionate and creative. They can prove to be the real assets to the company and help implementing newest ways to achieve business goals.