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Get some storytelling tips on Super Bowl Sunday

Who doesn’t know that Sunday, February 2 is Super Bowl Sunday? It’s the game that millions of us will watch, whether our favorite teams are playing or not. That’s because it’s more than two teams battling for victory; it’s the season culmination of a sport that Americans have loved for generations.

Before Sunday’s game, you will have the opportunity to hear football fans explain why the sport means so much to them. NFL Films has produced Football in America: Our Stories to answer the simple question, “Why do we love football?” Thousands of fans submitted their answers and a handful have been chosen to relate their stories in person. The program is narrated by Forest Whitaker, and in addition to devoted fans from all walks of life, it includes interviews with celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Mark Harmon, LL Cool J, Rob Lowe, Joe Montana, Dr. Oz, Condoleezza Rice, and Robin Roberts.

What can you as a writer take from all this? Listen for good storytelling techniques. Where do people state simple facts, and where do they tug at your emotions? What anecdotes do they present? How do they weave in their relationships with others? Do they talk of courage, humility, admiration?

As you listen, try creating a story of your own that you can tell in two or three minutes. Find the essence of your love for football, and identify the points that will give the most impact in the shortest amount of time. You’ll be able to compare your own story with those on the program, and that’s always a strong learning experience.

Watch for Football in America: Our Stories on Sunday, February 2, 1:00 p.m. ET on Fox.
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