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Get some green on your shoes walking the streets of Dublin, Ireland



is decked out in green. Shamrocks are hung with care. Green beer is spewing from the taps and everyone is feeling the Irish cheer. But Tennesseans have never danced the Irish dance until you’ve been on the streets of
following the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This city is one of the most vibrant capitals in the world. Gregorian Architecture lines the passion filled streets. Jaw dropping medieval castles and impressive cathedrals paint pictures of the past and keep it alive today as it was centuries ago. For all the history buffs, art lovers and adventurers on St. Patrick’s Day or any day
is the place to be.

Irish ancestry is found in almost every corner of the world. Those wanting to be Irish for a day drape themselves in green to salute the Irish flag. St. Patty chose the shamrock as a symbol to explain the holy trinity. The traditions still decorate our celebrations no matter where you spend the holiday.

From NashvilleBNAInternationalAirport there are several airlines that will get you there and away. There is also a
This pass can get you from the airport to the city centre and also give you free entry to over 27 attractions.
has several travel agents that can give you more details and help you find the most economical route. Make sure you have valid passport whenever traveling a broad.

This day used to be a holy day but now it’s a celebration of all things Irish and
Dublin is the city to show you what their all about. Anyone who has been to this city knows that here and all through this plush green country are endless smiles.


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  • Pauline Dolinski 4 years ago

    Nice tie in for Nashville and Dublin. It always sounds like such a beautiful country, the home of my ancestors, and I've never visited.

  • Marie 4 years ago

    I love festive holidays. St. Patricks day is one that does not go without notice in all its greenery. A real celebration. It would be nice to know where to participate in festivities around Nashville since I am not going to Dublin anytime soon. Not that I wouldn't like to I just don't know when I would get to it!