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Get some 'Geek Cred'

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"Geek Cred" is a new web series, created by Daniel Beals, currently running a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. The campaign only has a couple days left and the hope is to raise a minimum goal of $10,000 to fully finance the production of the first five episodes. The scripts are already complete, each featuring an assist from comic book writer Marc Andreyko ("Batwoman," "The Illegitimates," "Torso," "Manhunter, " "True Blood"), so all that is needed is funding for the actual filming of the episodes.

What is "Geek Cred" you ask? The show is described as a workplace comedy in the vein of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," FXX's "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and Fox's "Brooklyn 99." Except the "workplace" in "Geek Cred" is a comic book store. The setting is an actual comic shop, The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. The cast includes Daniel Beals, Miley Yamamoto, Michele Boyd ("Sons of Anarchy," "FlashForward," "How I Met Your Mother"), Damion Poitier and Wes Robertson. Guest stars for the first season of "Geek Cred" include Jim O'Heir ("Parks and Rec") and Stephanie Beatriz ("Brooklyn 99"). Additionally, original comic book material to be featured on the show will be supplied by comic book artist and "Geek Cred" conceptual designer, Dean Zachary.

Chances are, if you are reading this, a workplace comedy set in a comic book store is right up your alley. So, head on over to the IndieGoGo page and check out some of the cool rewards these guys are offering for your contribution. They have less than $3,500 to go to hit their minimal goal and all moneys earned will go towards the production of episodes.