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Get So Sensual the Sidewalk Burns When You Walk on It!

Sensual. It's the word that often gets confused with sexual. But it's so much more than that. Today we are going to talk about how it can improve your relationship, and for you single ladies, how it can help attract Mr. Right to you. Let's get started!

First off, what does sensual mean? Webster's defines it as "relating to, devoted to, or producing physical or sexual pleasure" ... "relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite."

What does this really mean? Getting in touch with your femininity, and using it to make you and the man in your life feel good! What can you do to get so sensual the sidewalk burns when you walk on it?

-Scent. Aim to feel like a woman, always! You might be stressed with long days at work, long nights up with the baby, or you might just be so used to being "practical," you forgot how wonderful it feels when you indulge your femininity. One way to do this is with scent. Scent is a powerful aphrodisiac, and it can change how you are feeling. Experiment with finding scents that you love, that make you feel so good, scents that make the man in your life want to hug and kiss and be near you all the time. Find a perfume that smells amazing on you, and wear it always. You don't have to go overboard, but a few spritzs before you leave the house (even when you are at home alone!) and before your man gets home can make you feel desirable and feminine! Light candles that cater to your sense of smell, and enjoy the romantic ambiance they create. You want your home (or your room) to smell GOOD! Make an effort to air it out, light some scented candles, and indulge your senses!

-Take baths. I know, I know, most of us neither have the time nor inclination to take a long bath to unwind. We usually just hop in the shower and lather up! But taking baths can relax you and make you feel very much like a pampered princess (even if you are anything but). Draw a warm bath, include your sense of scent (use your favorite bath beads) and slowly emerge yourself inside. (Epsom salt with lavender drops is proven to relax and de-stress your nervous system greatly. This is a great technique to reduce stress levels. Try it at night for 15-20 minutes right before you sleep). If you want, put on some dreamy brazilian music, some Middle Eastern soothing beats, some jazz or even classical music to put you at ease. Deep breath. Let the stresses go, one by one. If your man pops in, hide your assets and tell him he can't peak. Seeing you like this, enjoying yourself in a sensual activity, will definitely make your man smile, and he'll want to devour you after!

-Body lotion. If you are the type to hop in the shower and rush out, throw on some clothes, and get back to whatever it is you were doing, then take a moment to slow down. Purchase your absolute favorite body lotion, one with a scent you just can't resist, and a consistency that makes your body feel like butter, and apply it right after getting out of the shower. Winter or summer this almost always makes you feel like more of a woman! It also gets the attention of your man who is sure to notice your smooth, supple skin. Dry, flakey skin is not attractive ladies!

-Silky robes and nightgowns. Women go to work, go out with their girlfriends, go to parties all looking their absolute best. Then they come home and throw on any old thing! If you're married (especially important) or living alone, changing this one small habit can make a difference in how you feel (and how you make your man feel too!). Head to the mall or to your favorite boutique and try on a bunch of different pajamas or "house clothes," in different colors and styles. (I'm not talking about lingerie here, I'm talking about the kind of clothes you wear around the house, to bed, and just for lounging in your home. Ditch those old sweats and pick up something a little more feminine). You want to be comfortable, but you want to look like a woman! You want to look pretty. There are beautiful silky robes and night gowns in attractive prints and designs that are both comfortable and very sexy! If you prefer pants or shorts, pick something that says "I AM a woman." It's not that men won't find you attractive in your glasses and your old, ratty pjs or oversized T-shirt, it's that when you dress feminine and pretty you make your man feel like a King. It's all about how you make him feel. If you make him feel like a king in your presence (because you look like a Queen), he will want to treat you as his Queen!

-Wear pretty underwear. I'm sorry I have to say this but throw out your ratty, old undies and go shopping for new ones! You should be replacing your underwear every year (about once a year). Buy underwear that makes you feel f-e-m-i-n-i-n-e and sexy. It's not just for your man, it's for yourself. You want to feel like the goddess you are. When you feel that way, you act that way, and kaBOOM, you're love life improves by leaps and bounds! There are so many styles and colors of underwear, aside from your boring, old favorites, that are affordable and look pretty. Don't be cheap with yourself. You deserve to look and feel good, and the details DO matter in your personal life. Take care of yourself, and others will notice the change. Yes, even if you are overweight and unhappy with your body, buy pretty underwear that fit you and that make you feel good. Obey me now ; )

-Indulge in sensual activities. Get a massage once a month. Get your nails done. Take a zumba or dance class. Use the sauna at the gym. Take classes that help bring out your sensual side. Remember, your goal is to feel more like a woman, to feel feminine, fresh and to feel good!

-Wear a dress or a feminine top in a color other than black, beige or brown! Ditch your jeans, your flat Mary Janes, your old, worn out handbag and update your wardrobe to reflect you as a woman! Put on a dress, wear those stilettos, use some eyeshadow and break out the handbag you save for "special" occasions. The "special" occasion is that you are a woman, and you want to celebrate and delight in that difference! Your man will thank you.

Remember ladies, you deserve it!

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