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Get smooth skin with Hot Legs Wax Strips

Try Hot Legs wax strips for smooth, sexy skin.
Courtesy of Hot Legs Products

Most hair removal is an all-around unpleasant process. Shaving is quick and easy, but hair grows back extra prickly after only a few days. Waxing lasts longer but is exceptionally painful. Depilatory creams are effective, but many smell terrible and irritate sensitive skin. The market is filled with these various products, and their pitches to consumers are often confusing.

One brand, however, is striving to address these concerns. Hot Legs—whose name pays homage to Rod Stewart’s 70’s ode to sexy women—is a hair removal company that originated in Australia and continues to use high-quality Australian ingredients like Thursday Island Tea Tree Oil. Their products turn hair removal—usually a messy, uncomfortable procedure—into a relatively painless, satisfying experience.

Hot Legs wax strips are an easy way to achieve silky, smooth legs. They smell great—fresh and botanical—and stick to the hair instead of the skin, which minimizes the discomfort of waxing. The strips are heat resistant so the wax consistency remains the same for even results. They are large, unlike others on the market, and can be cut to fit tricky areas. The cool gel wax strips are especially convenient, since they require no heating aside from the warmth of your skin.

Hot Legs has also introduced the first wax strips for men under the name Bare for Men. These hypo-allergenic wax strips are designed specifically for male consumers, addressing the growing demand for men’s grooming products.

To use the Hot Legs wax strips, first begin by rubbing the strip between your hands for a few seconds to warm up the wax. Pull apart the two sides of the plastic to get two wax strips and then apply one to your skin. Smooth it down firmly about three or four times to make sure the wax is secure. Then quickly pull away the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Each wax strip can be used up to six times, depending on hair type and treatment area, so they are very cost efficient.

All Hot Legs waxes are best followed by the highly-recommended After Waxing Oil. This product has several benefits: it removes wax residue, calms and moisturizes skin, and serves as a natural antiseptic to clean and close pores. In combination with the wax strips, the After Waxing Oil leaves you with luxurious, hair-free skin that lasts for weeks.

Hot Legs products can be purchased at Walgreens and Ulta, as well as from their own website. Wax strips for both men and women will soon be available at select Shoprite locations.

If you’d like to learn more, like Hot Legs on Facebook and follow them on Twitter or Instagram to be entered for a chance to win a supply of Hot Legs wax strips or Bare for Men wax strips and After Waxing Oil.

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