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Get ripped, chiseled and ready to roar with 6-pack abs fat-shredding fitness DVD

Get ripped, chiseled and ready to roar with Jari Love.
Get ripped, chiseled and ready to roar with Jari Love.
Jari Love

Ripped, chiseled and ready to roar: Weight loss results that last are available from celebrity exercise guru Jari Love and her new fitness DVD: "Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled Exercise & Fitness DVD" (click for details).

We love Love's enthusiasm, energy and extraordinary talent for getting us to go beyond what we thought we could achieve. This new exercise DVD whittles your waistline while teaching you to train each muscle group using customized weights.

Boost your metabolism while you have fun with the various routines included.

In addition to Love's newest fitness DVD, we tried her "Get RIPPED! Slim & Lean" (click for details). The focus is on melting body fat while burning more calories in less time. Whether you're a skilled weight lifter or new at strength-training, you'll discover just how good it can be to "feel the burn."

Is your goal to get six-pack abs? Longing for a flat tummy? We've found the solution with "Get Ripped! with Jari Love" (click for more information).

This tummy tamer beats belly bulge and achieves awesome abs fast.

Plus: Diet counts too. And if you're counting on doughnuts to energize that workout, uh, well, no. Find out what to eat (and avoid) for a sleek physique and trim tummy by clicking here for information on the "Flat Belly Diet."

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