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Get rid of your acne with all natural deodorant?

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal to heal acne

Most are probably saying "huh?" right now, as well you should. Who in the hell uses deodorant on their face to rid themselves of acne? More over, who uses deodorant on their face in general?

Apparently there are many that do this. A study was even conducted using mineral salts on the skin, wet, to rid the skin of acne as well as exfoliate and heal red spots etc. You can read the study here.

There are many all natural deodorants on the market, a more popular one being the Crystal. It comes in a stick form and is made up of mineral salts (Ammonium Alum) and aloe vera. This stick will last you at least a year and costs just under three dollars at Walmart. Wow, three dollars for a years worth of acne treatment, is your mind blown yet? It should be, because it honestly works.

It works amazing as a deodorant, allowing you to still sweat, but you will not smell because the mineral salts kill odor causing bacteria dead in their tracks. So, being that the mineral salts kill odor causing bacteria it will also kill the bacteria on the face that causes acne. Apparently bacteria is bacteria no matter where it decides to take up residence.

These deodorants also heal the red marks left behind by acne in a timely fashion as well as help stop future breakouts. If you already have a breakout or one that is barely noticeable yet, just wet the crystal stick and apply it to the troubled area and by morning the barely there breakout will be gone. The breakout that was already busted out will be in the drying stages and already healing up by the next day. Using the mineral salts deodorant is just like going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. Have you ever noticed when you've been swimming in the ocean all day any breakouts you had are almost healed by the next day? The answer is the salt water.

Still leery about using this natural deodorant on your face? Why not give it a try and for a few bucks you've got nothing to lose. The brand Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal can be found at Walmart for roughly two dollars. It's identical to the the Crystal brand. An added bonus, men can use this right after shaving as can women, to ward off razor bumps!

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