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Get rid of wrinkles with Furlesse patches or PhotoShop for the perfect selfie

Wait for it. A full review of Furlesse patches is coming soon to his column. But until the product arrives I thought I’d give my readers a heads up on what sounds like a little DIY miracle face fixer upper.

Furlesse patches are a quick alternative to invasive surgery or expensive salon techniqu3s that relax fine lines and wrinkles. According to the company the patches work quickly to smooth out the skin while holding it in place, preventing unwanted pillow creases and furrows. It's the perfect product to apply prior to shooting a selfie. Just apply the patches to afflicted areas and relax for awhile, then apply makeup, and shoot that selfie. You can also wear the patches while you sleep or watch TV and wait for them to do the job. They also sound like the perfect perk-you-up before a big date or on the morning after a night on the town.

Furlesse patches come in different shapes and sizes that target furrows around the brow, crows feet, mouth areas and foreheads. They cost $19.99 at Sephora inside JCPenney stores, or online at and other leading online retailers.

While you're waiting to try Furlesse patches or other wrinkle removal treatment you can always get rid of lines and flaws with Photoshop for a flawless, sexy selfie, watch the video to see how.

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