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Get rid of garden pesticides safely

Get rid of garden pesticides and other hazardous chemicals safely

Use Fort Worth Environmental Collection center to remove and dispose of all your household chemicals and garden pesticides safely.
Use Fort Worth Environmental Collection center to remove and dispose of all your household chemicals and garden pesticides safely.
Safely get rid of household grease, it will clog your drains!

It’s fast approaching spring and time for Fort Worth area gardeners to check our household and gardening chemicals containers for expiration dates (if we use them instead of organics). Storing these and other leftover hazardous household chemicals and pesticides in our homes, garages or gardening shed can put our families and environmental conditions at risk.

Help protect our environmental resources

Should some environmental catastrophe or fire strike our homes, these hazardous chemicals, such as stored auto fluids, paint, pesticides, fertilizers and other household hazardous waste can cause injury to first responders to a disaster. Also, our drinking water and recreational activities on creeks, rivers and lakes can be adversely affected if those household chemicals and hazardous pesticides and materials end up washed down storm drains with no action to remove environmental pollutants.

Bring leftover items to the Environmental Collection Center for disposal

According to EEC's web site (which has a great, informative video to get you started),

The Environmental Collection Center (ECC) is open to Fort Worth residents and participating cities. If your area does not participate, call your local officials let them know that you want your area to become involved in the program.

Proof of residence (current water bill or valid driver’s license) is required to use the ECC. Some entities require their residents to obtain a voucher prior to using the center. Check with your local officials for voucher requirements before bringing waste to the ECC.

The ECC is for household residential waste disposal and recycling only. Commercial, business or industrial waste cannot be accepted under Texas regulations.

Waste Handling Instructions

  • Leave products in original, marked containers (no trash bags). If unlabeled, please label contents clearly.
  • Place leaking containers in a second container of like material (glass for corrosives, metal for flammables).
  • Place items securely in the trunk of the car or bed of pickup.
  • Remain in vehicle and allow staff to unload waste.

A Help-Yourself-Shelf is available at the ECC. Chemicals, cleaners, and paint in like new condition are offered free of charge. If you have a product that is still usable, give it to someone who can use it instead of bringing it for disposal.

Information on EEC's location and collection details:

Mobile collection events are held in Fort Worth and participating entities throughout the year.

For more information on what is accepted

Location & Hours

6400 Bridge St.

Easy access from I-30 and 820, just east of downtown.

Thursdays and Fridays: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Closed Thanksgiving (Nov.28-29)

817-392-EASY (3279)

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