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Get rich quick because Manny Pacquiao-Bam Bam Rios offers boxing bet of the year

Drive, he said...Michael Marley opines that the Over 8 1/2 rounds bet on Pacman-Rios is easy winner
Drive, he said...Michael Marley opines that the Over 8 1/2 rounds bet on Pacman-Rios is easy winner
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THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS: To the wonderful Filipino people in this dreadful time. God Bless.

They call them "punters" in the United Kingdom. The reference is to guys who likes to bet on sporting events for fun and, hopefully, some profit.

In recent months, no make that years, boxing has not afforded many golden wagering opportunities. But I stumbled upon what I think may be the most inviting fistic wager in recent memory.

I was in a sportsbook in Reno when I picked up a betting sheet.

Ageless wonder Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins was a minus 900 favorite over game but outmatched Karo Murat.

No investment chance there, for sure. Triple G Gennady Golovkin was even more of a prohibitive choice according to the linemakers over Curtis Stevens. Golovkin was minus 1000 over Stevens, who was plus 650.

As for Pacman, looking to restore some luster and excitement after his canvas nap against Juan Manuel Marquez, as of that time he was minus 420 while Rios was plus 320.

I'm here to tell you that Rios will not win this Nov. 23 fight in Macao. But he will be competitive enough without being overly dangerous.

That's why Uncle Bob Arum picked him for Manny's ring rehabilitation, you see.

But the bet I'm loving, even Mcloving, is the over/under, the how many rounds bet in Macao.

I put a few mortgage payments down, betting that Brandon and Manny will battle at least until 1:31 mark of the ninth round.

I got even money, dollar for dollar, and I think it's a giveaway.

No way, no how, do I see either the Filipino Idol or the roughneck from Oxnard by way of Kansas scoring a KO or a stoppage.

Forget all their prefight verbiage. It's so much hot air.

Fact is Pacman will be cautious in the early going while Rios will be, well just his usual hyper aggressive self.

They will surely keep the casino guests and the worldwide TV audience entertained but both of these guys have pretty solid chins.

This fight is going the limit, meaning 12 full rounds to a decision.

But for me, and anyone who jumps on the fight to "go," meaning the over and not the under, the limit will be one second past the halfway mark of the all important ninth round.

I don't tout boxing bets very often but, when I do, it usually turns out to be a lulu.

Nobody's getting KO'd in the main event in Macao.

You read it here first. Bet it and then march to payoff window.


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