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Get real time transit information for your Thanksgiving travel in the Bay Area

Train Map
Train Map

Thanksgiving 2012 is coming up real fast. If you are thinking about traveling to or within the San Francisco Bay Area for Thanksgiving this year, you better start planning your travels now or as soon as possible.

The economy is strong in the Bay Area and that means a lot of traffic on the road in San Francisco, the East Bay and down the peninsula. Instead of driving, think about traveling or commuting through the use of public transportation.

You will be surprised at how much real time transit info you can find online to help your travels go smooth. Here are some options for you.

You can get a lot of real time traffic and public transit info through this site which is You will find a lot of ways to get fast, up-to-date data about traveling around the Bay Area.

If you decide to travel by car, you better check out the CalTrans website at Driving can be convenient but try to leave early and provide extra time for yourself if you can.

Another option is to take BART. This page can give you info on obtaining real time data on departures at different BART train stations.

Don't forget about Caltrain. Click here to find out how to get mobile schedules for the train route from San Jose to San Francisco.

Do your best this year to reduce your driving time and increase your commuting time and your public transit time. You'll be grateful that you did.