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Get ready to register for GenCon 2011

4 Days of Gaming Bliss
4 Days of Gaming Bliss

GenCon, a huge four day gaming convention, is held every year in Indianapolis. It draws thousands of gamers, game design companies, and famous people to celebrate the hobby and show some new things coming out. Next to Origins in Columbus, GenCon is one of the biggest gaming conventions for Dayton area fans.

Pre-registration has been going on since January 23rd, and will continue until June 18th, but on Sunday May 1st registration will be available for those who want to attend this mega-gaming event. Registering early gets gamers a discount on the price of admission and those who do so before the June 18th cut-off date will receive their badges with their name on them.

Badges can be purchased for one day or four days of the convention. Prices vary by days wanted and when they are purchased. A badge allows the individual entrance to the show, admittance to the Exhibit Hall, Art Show, Anime events, seminars and any events happening in the public areas which do not require an event ticket. Badges for GenCon will be mailed to those who pre-register prior to June 18th.

Badges must be purchased online but times are not yet listed, so check back to the site for details of when, on May 1st, they will be available.