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Get ready to Grill-off!

Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! is a Club Nintendo exclusive WiiWare game.
Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! is a Club Nintendo exclusive WiiWare game.

Club Nintendo members have a new WiiWare game coming their way on Wednesday, should they choose to redeem their hard-earned coins for it. Grill-off with Ultra Hand! will be released on March 31, and will set Club Nintendo members back 80 coins, making it the cheapest Club Nintendo reward to date.

Nintendo describes the game as such:
Welcome to Grill-off with Ultra Hand! Nintendo first introduced the Ultra Hand to the world in 1966. People were fascinated by the little plastic arm that could reach out and grab objects. Now the Ultra Hand is back for the Wii console in Grill-off with Ultra Hand! Use the Ultra Hand to pick up pieces of meat from the grill and deposit them on the plate in front of you. Just make sure you grab the meat before it burns to a crisp! Challenge yourself to beat your high score in single-player mode or compete against a friend in VS mode. Let's get grilling!

Basically, it’s a new game for Club Nintendo members, and at 80 coins, it’s hard to go wrong.

This marks the third Club Nintendo exclusive game released in North America. First was the Game and Watch Collection for the DS, which can be purchased for 800 coins. The second was Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! This game was a reward for 2009 Club Nintendo Platinum members.

For more information on, Grill-off with Ultra Hand! visit Nintendo's official web site for the game.


  • Jason 5 years ago

    I'm not sure what to make of this one, it looks weird. But hey, a cheap Club Nintendo bonus, and i'll be downloading it.

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