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Get ready now for the upcoming garage sale season

get ready for garage sales
get ready for garage sales
taken with permission

This winter has proved brutal for quite a few Americans. For most, the weather is the culprit and cause. For others, and you know who you are, the basis for your anxiety, if not despair, stems from the lack of a garage sale event to attend.

Yes, winter creates a drought in yard sale activity. The hiatus for garage sales will end as soon as we can rely on the weather. It is no secret that moderate temperatures, without gusty winds, make for the ideal garage sale setting. Notwithstanding European models for weather and/or a certain groundhog named Phil, we are hoping that garage sale season will occur sooner than later.

You will be ready to pounce on the garage sale trail when the time does come, if you gear up now. Here are some tips to prepare:

  1. If there are garage sales to attend, by all means, go, go, go. Peruse listings in the paper and on Craigslist. You can also experiment by visiting garage sale substitutes such as flea markets, estate sales and consignment events.
  2. Carry out as many garage sale chores as you can inside the warmth of your house so that you can have your own garage sale outside when the time is perfect. Organize the stuff that you and your family are no longer using. Cull and donate. Clean, wash and polish it. Label and price it. Fold or store it, making sure that it is easily accessible easily when you can hold your sale.
  3. Get prepared in other ways as well. Do your garage sale “homework,” at your leisure, without pressure or deadlines. Consider researching what items are prized at a yard sale, what an item typically sells for at a garage sale or how best to display your treasure. Familiarize yourself with garage sale “rules,” standard practice or etiquette, so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.
  4. Consider and choose a date for your own garage sale. Find out if and when your subdivision or City might have a sale. Ask your friends or neighbors if they want to have a garage sale together. Ascertain when your favorite neighborhoods or charities host their own garage sales and calendar those not to miss them. (If you have a large scale event scheduled already, please advise your garage sale Examiner as well so we can showcase it if possible.)
  5. On the buying side of treasure hunting, you might start listing what you need or want to buy and set a budget accordingly. Think DIY, upcycling and recycling. Reflect about savings and economizing in general, noting how the garage sale will help you and your family in this way.
  6. Garage sale trends emerge all the time, especially in line with technological advances. Expect to see (and perhaps even use) all kinds of garage sale applications (apps) from tracking to payment options to research and valuation. Competition for both buyers and sellers is vast and growing daily.

Your preparation now will reward you when the garage sale season is in full gear. See you soon at a garage sale.

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