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Get Ready For Your Close-up: IOMA's In-Your-Face Approach To Skin Care

The IOMA Sphere 2 pinpoints complexion problems.
Courtesy IOMA

IOMA, a skin-care line from France, gets in your face—to help your face. Step up to its counter at Saks Fifth Avenue (611 Fifth Ave., 212.940.2316) and rest your chin inside its diagnostic sphere. The snowy-white, astronaut helmet-like device quickly snaps five facial photos, using microchip-embedded sensors to pinpoint problem areas, such as wrinkles, UV damage, sagging and clogged pores. Using this subdermal diagnosis, an aesthetician mixes and matches items from the line’s 25 facial products, creating what IOMA Business Manager Francisco Diaz calls “a handcrafted cocktail” just for your visage.

Now, I usually don't like having my picture taken. After a spin in the IOMA Sphere 2, I liked it even less—especially when presented with a quintet of shots that bore a striking resemblance to death masks. Actually, Mr. Diaz said, my skin was in pretty good shape; the main areas that needed improvement were around my eyes (on IOMA’s diagnostic scale of 1 to 15, with 1 being perfect, my “bags and eyelids” scored 9, rapidly approaching the Caution zone). Happily, IOMA had just the thing: its recently-released Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate, which attacks everything that can go wrong with the orbs, from dark circles to wrinkles to puffiness. I also got a preview sample of another product, coming this September: Ma Crème, a day or night cream augmented with varying combinations of eight different serums, based on the Sphere’s analysis of the client’s complexion; the bespoke solution is whipped up while you while you wait, like a specially-ordered dessert.

I’ve used these two items—the all-in-one wonder for eyes and the customized Crème—faithfully for a few weeks now, and indeed, my eyes are looking brighter (they don't call it Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate for nothing), my forehead smoother. Can’t wait to return to the Sphere, as recommended, for a follow-up evaluation. Even so, the pics won’t be appearing on my Facebook page anytime soon. Just my shining face.

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