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Get ready for wedding season with Beau Ties, LTD

Beau Ties, LTD has all your bow ties needs from Easter to the KY Derby and even weddings.
Beau Ties, LTD has all your bow ties needs from Easter to the KY Derby and even weddings.

Spring and summer are some of the busiest times for weddings. Whether you're attending one wedding or several or even planning your own one aspect that doesn't really get much attention is grooms wear and menswear. Let's be honest, a tuxedo is a tuxedo is a tuxedo. How you dress it up is what makes the groom and his ushers stand out. The same goes for suits. Forgo tradition this year and check out a new way to dress it up with Beau Ties, LTD.

Beau Ties, LTD is the home of the individually sewn bow tie, neckties, pocket squares, ascots, cravats, cummerbunds and more. Founded in Vermont back in 1993 by Bill Kenerson and then taken over a little less than two years later by the two Davids, (David Mutter and David Kramer) their mixture of traditional and classic components with a fresh and fashionable twist is what makes Beau Ties, LTD different from the rest. Best know for their bow ties, they have dedicated themselves to providing an unmatched selection of superior handcrafted bow ties that can even be custom made from just about anything even a favorite design that you want to incorporate into your scheme.

Bow ties have slowly become a fashion statement for men everywhere but there's more to a bow tie than just a functional piece of fabric to keep your collar at bay. Did you know that there are three different types of bow ties? Beau Ties, LTD does and they even show you the difference in each one, how to take care of your bow ties and even how to convert a neck tie into a bow tie.

As bow ties continue to grow in popularity, (just look at all the celebrities sporting bow ties from Beau Ties, LTD like Bill Nyes, The Science Guy, Andy Cohen of Bravo TV, JP Rosenbaum of The Bachelorette and Billy Bush, radio and TV host) they're no longer considered just a part of 'black tie attire'. Bow ties have actually become a part of a fashionable man's attire. From weekend wear in a cool and quirky design paired up with jeans to a part of business wear, bow ties are completely versatile and equally fun to wear.

Even better, with Beau Ties, LTD you can support you favorite charity with one of their many Bow Ties For A Cause. Choose from a breast cancer bow tie, a prostate cancer bow tie to even a bow tie to support 9/11 and Beau Ties LTD will donate 25% of each sale that specific charity.

With each of the two Davids individualistic styles and quirks plus their entrepreneurial passions is what makes Beau Ties, LTD so unique. It takes an independent man to choose a bow tie and it is that bond that merged the two Davids and what unites them to their customers. The man who choose to not walk on the beaten path of fashion and chose a bow ties is a man who knows his sense of fashionability and his place in the fashion world.

So this wedding season, ditch the tradition and try out a bow tie instead! Don't forget the KY Derby is coming soon so head on over to Beau Ties, LTD and to see all the different styles they have to offer including their Derby Day ties!

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