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Get ready for TimeGate, coming to Atlanta May 23-25

TimeGate, coming to Atlanta May 23-25
TimeGate, coming to Atlanta May 23-25
Wikimedia Commons

TimeGate Convention is taking place Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, at the Holiday Inn Select on Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Atlanta.

TimeGate is a science fiction convention primarily featuring Dr. Who and StarGate but with plenty of other content for other science fiction lovers. Guest this year include Gareth David-Lloyd from Torchwood and Enoch the Traveler and Dr. Kevin Grazier, science advisor to many tv shows and movies, as well as Paul McGillion from StarGate. There are also returning favorites like Louis Robinson who formerly worked for the BBC, author Jana Oliver, whos Demon Trapper's Daughter series takes place in a near-future Atlanta, and musical guests The Ken Spivey Band.

TimeGate is always a tremendous amount of fun. The panels and workshops are interesting and everyone feels free to share their opinions without fear of ridicule. There's a delightful vendor's room for spending your hard-earned money, a gaming room and much more. Most of all it is a time to meet and mingle with those who have the same love for Dr. Who and/or StarGate as you! Come on out and join the fun!