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Separates and suits
Separates and suits
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Are you one of those people who has been at home working in your study while you need to get ready to go to an office instead? Well, you're not alone. If you're one of the many writers in the workplace who has been working at home, it's quite possible that you're going to need to make a speedy transition to the office outside the home. With that in mind, don't throw out the work clothes you've got in your closet or in your storage area!! You may be able to mix and match and have numerous alternatives awaiting you that you can wear to work in the Chicago area.

You may be ready with what is already in your wardrobe. Take a good look at your work clothes before you decide that you need to revamp everything you have to wear. Then, if you must, think of someone you know who is in the workplace every day, someone reliable, and ask that person what should be worn for a meeting with a potential customer or client. Take a look at your casual dresses or slacks. If you're going to have to wear business casual, you may find that you're already equipped for the basics in office wear until you earn some money in the workplace in Chicago. Can you mix and match? If you can, do it before you go to an interview or before you go into your first day at a new workplace. Try to blend in with the other people who are in the office where you will work after you get started there. Perhaps the people there wear a suit for a business meeting or a summery sweater if the workplace is cold and air conditioned. It wouldn't hurt to follow their lead and wear something similar.

So, by now perhaps your anxiety about office or workplace attire is now lessened for you with this little exercise in how to creatively work within your boundaries, if it's clothing boundaries. Remember, dressing for success in this day and age may mean dressing effectively. If you're going to work in a schoolroom this fall, a suit to an interview may seem like it's overdressing. Instead, you may have to wear something casual but not quite jeans as you plan for a teaching environment that includes everything but finger painting in a preschool or kindergarten room. Get ready to work in Chicago outside your home, whether it's now or in a month, limiting your spending before you're on the job to save yourself a lot of headaches!!