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Get ready for the waiters on the run

It is Bastille day in California, and the waiters are running their 5th race and festival. Similar to Spain's running of the bulls through the streets, this one has waiters taking to the streets but instead of being gored or trampled, one gets to see the perfection one known as waiters carry their items without mishap.

This is one of those cultural events one should not miss or at least watch once. France was once known as the epicurean capital of the world, not unlike Persia where the food was exquisite, they created masterpiece of contemporary art.

Waiters brought food to the table in France, unlike the buffet style former mentioned cultural empire. They did not waste a single item the world is told, due to many food shortages, and they did not spill a single item on the way to the table.

These men were considered more fearsome than warriors in their knowledge of their food and wine, not to mention getting waited upon if not considered desirable. California took the lead in bringing the French culture to America, where as in the other areas of the country such as Louisiana, the culture was mixed with the local cuisine, California imported or grew what was needed for a pure cuisine.

Don't forget even Julia Childs was from California, and fell in love with the French food. The many Culinary schools, including the Cordon Blue in Sacramento and the CIA in Napa, provides a chance for a real man to put on the uniform of a waiter.

Their perfection is tested by running through the streets without having a mishap with their trays. This is a replication of the real times when waiters would have to go to other resources for the items required by high paying customers and simply chasing down street side customers who forgot to leave a tip along with the bill of fare.

The Fifth annual Bastille day Waiters Race and street festival will be July 13, 2014. L street will be shut down between 18th and 19th streets. The race begins at noon and the street fair continues through 3 P.M. There is also the annual French Film festival at the Crest being held. is the website and the Sacramento Magazine and Midtown Business Association is hosting the event of the best waiters in Sacramento.

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