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Get ready for the Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm Classic Vodka
Quiet Storm Yolo Spirits

A storm is getting ready to engulf the United States.

Who is responsible for this storm?

Cory Lamb of Yolo Spirits, LLC.

Lamb is poised to take the hospitality industry by storm with his company’s luxury brand of handcrafted spirits made in Georgia. After two years of extensive research and testing, the corn-based vodka, which is distilled seven times in a copper still and is 80-proof for the Classic and 70-proof for the flavors, is ready to be launched.

"Luxury comes in many forms, the luxury of Quiet Storm is an affordable indulgence," said Lamb.

Yolo Spirits’ Classic along with Seduction, Obsession, Pleasure, Passion and Fantasy (a blend of exotic fruits), under the Quiet Storm Vodka brand isn’t just another vodka with enticing names and interesting flavors. What makes the Quiet Storm Vodka brand stand out from other spirits is its clean, crisp taste. It pours like water and goes down smooth; but is strong, which makes it perfect for the vodka connoisseur. It isn’t so strong that a vodka novice would feel intimidated by it.

The flavors are exotic and enticing and far from being girly. They transport you to islands of paradise, beaches of white sand, calm blue waters, suites of pleasure and boardrooms of power.

The ultra-premium vodka brand is set to be one of choice of the elite without the hefty price tag.

Spirit enthusiasts now have something to celebrate. The storm is set to spread across the United States in the late summer. Get some ice, chill your glasses and be prepared. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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