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Get Ready for Run or Dye Reno

Jogging, running, or walking is the way to get in shape for any 5K
Jogging, running, or walking is the way to get in shape for any 5K
By Toa55

What exactly is Run or Dye you ask? Well let's go over that now shall we? You've heard of the regular old 5K runs that go on around town and different areas, but this one is slightly different. Rather than your generic boring race, the Run or Dye 5K is filled with color!

During the race, which you can walk run or jog through you are able to be splashed with Eco-friendly paint that will be sprayed on to your person as you pass by the checkpoints. Each checkpoint will have a different color of paint, so be sure to dance around and get noticed in order to become more colorful and show off your colorful spirit.

Nobody ever said running had to be boring! Don't worry if you aren't a pro at running, the creators of the event pride themselves on people having fun rather than being the fastest. Not only is this a plus but children and adults of all ages can come to the event. That means children too. What a way to get a child excited about fitness! Bring them to an event that is filled with paint, color and a ton of happy go lucky people all looking for the same goal in the end. To finish the race with the most paint all over themselves.

Individuals can attend the event for a price of $47. If you know a group of friends (4 or more) that might want to join you, the price goes down to $42. Make sure everyone registers to assure they can get a spot and can join in the fun.

So what are you waiting for? Join everyone at the UNR campus come April 26th and paint the town (and yourself) colorful!

Not near the UNR campus? That's alright, look at the link below for an entire list of upcoming events near your area.

Run or Dye 5K is part of the Give Love World Tour.

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