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Get ready for mid-summer night hair dreams

Hair design and makeup artistry by Josef and Shaun Settle
Photography By: Shaoé Haircare

Summer hair will be wildly windswept and tempestuously styled with Products from Shaoé Haircare

The creatures of summer are flaunting untamed manes with wandering waves, tousled topknots and bohemian braids! Giving your hair that styled yet un-styled look will include a little help from the best professional haircare products. Josef & Shaun Settle, owners of the Shaoé Haircare Secret Seven line of professional products, offer summertime trend advice. Josef Settle says, “Haircuts are very textured this summer with more layers and movement throughout the interior of hair. The most popular length is mid-length at the shoulder with edgier, more geometric shaping. Creating volume and texture is easy using our Secret Seven hairstyling products, with a series of decadent ingredients that work to repair the hair with every use.”

Windswept Upstyles: Creating easy, sexy summer upstyles or buns will get your hair out of the way on hot days and look alluring for summer nights! Settle says, “The right products will create texture and give a lived-in feel to hair. Our Rejuvenating Bliss Styling Cream is a light hold product that styles hair while it conditions. Run some through wet hair and blow dry with a diffuser. Use your fingers to rake hair back loosely into a high ponytail and lightly twist around the top, creatively leaving pieces out to give a tousled feel. Spray hair with Crème de la Crème Setting Spray for shine and hold. If you braid the hair first, you will have even more waves and texture when you release it later. Run some additional Rejuvenating Bliss through loose waves to finish with effortless volume, shine and softness.”

Mermaid Waves: For spiraling siren waves, the Avant Garde Thickening Paste will provide added texture without weighing hair down. Settle says, “Use a small amount of thickening paste on dry hair and twist around a curling iron. Or, use it on wet hair and coil into knots all over the head, letting air dry before releasing.” For the healthiest summer hair at the beach or pool, Settle recommends daily moisturizing with their Decadent & Restorative Leave-in Conditioner. The product formula contains Galanga Root, which offers natural sun protection along with decadent moisturizers like French Caviar Oil, African Baobab Oil and South American Aloe Vera. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz hair regularly for deep hydration. You can even use it on your skin!

Beach Braids: Waterfall cascades, fishbone braids, milkmaid plaits and maiden crowns sport a mussed finish this summer. Settle says, “Deconstruct any formal braided style by starting with maximum texture. Run some Radiant Texturizing Hair Polish through to define and accent the hair before braiding. You will want a messy look, yet not a frizzy one!” French braid hair loosely on crown or sides of head, mussing slightly and wrapping ends into a relaxed chignon, untidy top knot or leave loose in a side braid. To create mischievous milkmaid or maiden braids, make a deep asymmetrical side part in hair, plait two or more long braids and wrap around top or back of head. Spritz the hair with setting spray and lightly tug on the braids in random places to loosen, massaging the plaits apart slightly to create a thicker braid with texture. Leave wispy flyaway side pieces loose, or integrate into the braids with pins. Just don’t be too neat!

Wild Ponies: A ponytail is the most simple and classic summer hairstyle. Settle says, “For full volume and curls, apply Opulent Curl Shine Cream and let air dry. Use a diffusor or curling iron for more definition and pull hair loosely into a high ponytail.” A low ponytail will give a more formal look, perfect for work or night. Use a smoothing product for the perfect blow dry, plus all day humidity control in the summertime. Settle says, “Apply Sophisticated Smoothing Serum before drying, sectioning hair first for more sleekness. Apply Crème de la Crème setting spray for even more environmental control and smooth hair into a low pony. Wrap a hair strand around the elastic to finish, or use a decorative clip.” For an origami-like basket weave pony, section the hair at crown of head into two pieces with low side parts separated in front. Pull remaining hair into a low pony and secure with elastic. Smooth top pieces back and overlap, pulling to the sides and tucking under side pieces. Pull side pieces back and fold over ponytail, wrapping underneath for an ultra-sleek and sophisticated summer style.

Full Haircare System: Shaoé Haircare products within the Secret Seven collection include Opulent Curl Shine Cream, Sophisticated Smoothing Serum, Pristine and Purifying Hair Cleanse, Decadent & Restorative Leave-in Conditioner, Avant Garde Thickening Paste, Rejuvenating Bliss Styling Cream, Radiant Texturizing Hair Polish and Crème de la Crème Setting Spray. A unique blend of exotically decadent ingredients from across the globe work synergistically to repair and rejuvenate the hair with every use.

Josef and Shaun Settle are known as nationally respected salon industry platform artists as well as the successful owners of Avant Gard the Salon & Spa and Avant Gard The School in Indianapolis, Indiana. With over 25 years of experience, they are sharply focused on the creation of dynamic hair artistry while also helping train as many other hair designers as possible.

Celebrate V.I.P Style With Shaoé Haircare! The new Shaoé Haircare system offers luxurious opulence for your hair. For a free haircare consultation or more information on Shaoé Haircare System products, call 317-272-1149, 855-YShaoé7 / 855-974-2637 or email: Visit:

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