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Get ready for cold and allergy season with help from CVS

CVS has everything needed for cold and allergy season
CVS has everything needed for cold and allergy season
Photograph provided by Flicker, Randy Heinitz

Some say allergy season is right around the corner, but it is knocking on some people’s door waiting to come in. This means sneezing, congestion, runny noses and other bothersome symptoms.

Thankfully, CVS/pharmacy provides a number of products that can keep your allergies under control this season.

Below are a few remedies to help you and your family combat even the toughest allergy symptoms:

· CVS Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor/Outdoor;

· CVS Children's 24 Hour Indoor/Outdoor Allergy Relief, Bubble Gum Flavor;

· CVS Allergy Eye Drops, Antihistamine & Redness Reliever;

· Total Home by CVS Facial Tissue Ultra Soft Lotion w/ Aloe; and

CVS Brand Nasal Strips. New and improved. Not only do they provide allergy relief, but they also reduce snoring – perfect for quieting that snorer in your life each night!

The best part of buying CVS brands is that CVS/pharmacy Brand Healthcare products and over-the-counter medications can cost up to 30% less than national brand alternatives, but are still made with the same active ingredients and are regulated under the same strict FDA guidelines as national brand alternatives. You can still get all the same benefits to your health from these products and spend less!

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