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Get ready for center stage

Get ready for center stage
Get ready for center stage
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Your dreams activated with faith will take you to places you only dreamed of; mind, body and soul. Yes, that sounds marvelous but the fact is that along with faith activating your dreams comes the process. There’s a development that comes along with making your dreams a reality. The method is not always fun nor is it easy, however, the benefits you will receive after completing the course outweighs everything else.

Most of us like to complain and cry when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. It’s the difficult situations that causes us to move while equipping us to fully embrace our fate at the appointed time with nothing lacking.

Rules govern that we obtain at least a high school education in order to function in the world. These rules are our second phase of training, preparing us for our grand finale. Some began their training in pre-school while others started their training in Kindergarten. Whatever the case, we must all begin our formal training at one stage or another whether its pre-school or kindergarten we all must run this race.

In our second training phase of life (I say second because our first training phase began within our homes, with our families; this is where we were educated on speaking as well as how to transport generational behavior patterns on to the next generation.)

Our whole lives have been a training ground preparing us for the real world, the grand finale, our final performance. You have been training and rehearsing for the grand performance all of your life yet you are still fearful of walking up and embracing the stage. Did you forget that you were trained to be the amazing person you are today? You went through the trenches to come out the wonderful person you are today. You were trained to carry out the mission at all cost caring less and less about others opinions of you.

Do you remember when they talked about you in school? That was your training grounds building your muscles to counteract negativity. If you were never talked about in elementary school then by the time you made it to junior high school, where the talking really commences, you would faint due to weakness since your muscles didn’t fully develop in elementary school.

Do you see the process? The same is with your life.

Now let’s backtrack back to the rules that govern that we must obtain at least a high school education in order to function in the world. Remember, school is your second phase of training. This phase puts you in the game and in the running to make it to center stage making it your best performance ever.

Everyone knows that before you get up to obtain that Oscar for the best performance ever that there’s many test and challenges you must overcome. Don’t run from the challenges, embrace them, knowing that these challenges are test preparing you for your next level.

In school, kindergarten is one level of training in which we must prove ourselves worthy of being able to compete on the next level. We prove ourselves by passing various quizzes and test which determines that we have learned everything we need to know and are ready to move on to the next level.

This process happens all throughout the second phase of training. You must pass quiz after quiz and test after test in order to successfully compete on the next level. Now, a lot of people stop after their second phase of life because they are either tired of school (forced training) or they have a desire to obtain the training of their choice. And there are some that move on to phase three because they want to sharpen their craft. These folks aspire to be the best in life. While the third phase of training (Higher education) is the vehicle to get them there.

The people who go to phase three have a different mindset. They understand that sacrifices must be made in order to make a significant impact in their profession of choice. They recognize the training will be rigorous and the knowledge they’ll receive will reveal hidden jewels that can only be revealed by those who diligently search for them. Phase three is the training grounds into grasping the hidden jewels of life.

Now most people are okay with what they learned in phase one and two of their lives and happily take their beautiful gifts (pearls of wisdom) they received in those phases, find a comfortable spot and camp out until it’s time for them to meet their final destination. These people won’t make it to the big stage because they have no desire to. These people will get back out of life everything they put in to it. They’ll get exactly what they want; a life of least resistance with minimum rewards.

If we can go through numerous years of schooling (training), taking quizzes, pop quizzes and test without getting indignant because we were trained on how the system works and learned to accept the system with no questions asked. Why is it when we receive quizzes, pop quizzes and tests in life we want to fold and give up? Don’t you know that your whole life is training grounds for the big finale? Your school training was just a mirror, a reflection of what lies before you, preparing you for your grand finale.

Yes, honey! You were prepared for greatness and your training began the day you were born. The standards to receiving a high school diploma are lower than the standards of receiving a bachelor’s degree. And the standards to receiving a bachelor’s degree is lower than the standards of receiving a PHD.

There’s levels to this game. To whom much is given much is required. The bigger the dream the more drastic the training. The higher the level the greater the standards. The question is how bad do you want it? Are you capable of passing the quizzes, tests and even the scary pop quizzes? Your training grounds for a successful life began the day you were formed in your mother’s womb.

Never forget who you are as a man looking at himself in the mirror and forgetting what he looks like. Nothing new has overtaken you. You’re just in a different phase in life. The game and the rules to the game are the same. All you have to do is play. No limits, let’s go!

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