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Get ready for a special summer event

Just the right style for a formal summer event
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Are you ready for a special formal summer event? If you're not ready to attend a wedding or a funeral, or even a summer cocktail party, are you really ready for summer? There are many of you folks out there that wouldn't give it much thought. However, there are other people out there who want to follow standard etiquette for summer events. If you're one of those people, you might want to read along with other folks like you, to check out Chicago's trends.

Was it a wedding recently in which you decided that it was okay to wear black because the marriage was really unlikely to be a lasting one? You might want to look at the details and judge things for yourself. There are people who, in the recent past, have chosen to wear a black bridesmaid dress because that was what the bride picked. Why do you think the bride wanted that black dress? Would it be reasonable to tell the bride that you don't want to be her bridesmaid because the dresses she picked were black and that you only wear black at funerals? Probably not. However, our model is dressed in formal attire that would be acceptable or outright praise worthy at some events. So if you're waiting for the summer cocktail party of the season, one in which you were invited to have cocktails and appetizers at a place like Froggy's, the French restaurant north of Chicago, think about formal attire. You might want to head for the perfectly chic outfit at Bloomingdale's. Their sale rack or their regular price formal wear might be perfect for you and perfectly priced. They weren't even completely pricey there this spring! They were reasonably priced and probably something you might see in a trendy magazine like InStyle.

So don't despair if you're thinking your out of luck and unable to appear at the cocktail party of the season in the right attire. There are chic outfits like the one our model is wearing out there at many of the stores that sell women's clothing, even if you're a little chubby or well endowed. You might just find the kind of stylish outfit you were looking for, even or especially if you shop at Bloomingdale's. So check them out and be prepared to do some spending there, just north of Chicago, in the suburbs.

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