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Get ready for 2014 Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championships

Highlight from 2013 Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championships
Highlight from 2013 Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championships
Violet Li

With the strong leadership of Sifu Ray Hildreth, the 3rd Annual Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championships is well organized and scheduled to be in St. Louis on Saturday May 3, 2014.

View from 2013 Gateway Chinese Martial Arts Championships
Violet Li

Following the tradition, this tournament is under the sanction of International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC). ICMAC’s mission is to transcend political boundaries and advance Chinese Martial Arts through a network of championships scheduled for major cities in North America and in several countries around the world. Its goal is to elevate the standards of competition, from the selection of venues to judging standards. It is promoting a North America Rating System (NARS) that awards points based on placement in the competition. North America Champions will be recognized at the closing of the season. The winners of the Gateway Tournament will be awarded with NARS points. The Gateway Tournament gives Chinese martial art practitioners in the mid-West region an opportunity to compete at a high standard without travel far. It has been successful in the past two years with more contestants.

The Gateway Tournament will be offering hundreds of divisions for all skill levels and age groups in the following categories:

  • Traditional Kung Fu
  • Tai Chi (Taiji) and other Internal Styles
  • Continuous Sparring
  • Push Hands
  • Sanda

Three years ago, two dozens of St. Louis Tai Chi instructors collaborated and created St. Louis Tai Chi 24 Form. This form was taught to at least two hundred people and took center stage of Chinese Culture Days celebration at the Missouri Botanical Gardens as Hundred Man Tai Chi in May 2012. Even though this form is not part of ICMAC’s standard form, it will be included in this tournament except winners will not get NARS points.

Masters Chen Huixian, Xing Xue, Greg Butler, and Vince Carella will host workshops before the tournament. There will also be a master demonstration to celebrate the arts and a lion dance for culture enrichment.

For more details, please visit the official website

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