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Get 'radiant orchid' lips naturally

Bite Beauty's High Pigment Lip Pencil in 'Violet'
Bite Beauty's High Pigment Lip Pencil in 'Violet'

The 'radiant orchid' color has been taking the fashion world by storm the last few weeks, ever since Pantone declared it the "Color of the Year 2014". We've been seeing lots of "orchid" shades in the fashion and make-up scene - purple, lavender, lilac, and fuchsia! Of course one of the most entertaining appearances of these purple shades is in lipstick. Purple, as a lipstick shade, is often feared by many women because it can make someone appear sickly or... well - dead!
But purple can actually be very flattering, especially when considering the depth of pigment. Many makeup companies will be very careful when formulating a particular color, and will include both cool and warm undertones within a color to complete its spectrum. So a purple shade, for example, shouldn’t only bring out the blue undertones, which can make someone appear sick, pale, or like a corpse. Ideally, for those who don’t want to look like they’re auditioning for The Walking Dead, the lipstick shade should have some warmth in it.
With all this talk I’m hearing from make-up fanatics about MAC’s latest purple shades, I wanted to suggest two brands that are cruelty free and carcinogenic-chemical-free:

Fuchsia lips with Silk Naturals' 'Wham'

1) Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Lip Pencil in ‘Violet’, and
2) Silk Naturals’ Vegan Lipstick in ‘Wham’ (pictured to the right)

Check out the slideshow for more pictures of these two beautiful shades. Bite Beauty’s ‘Violet’ is a lavender shade – very long-wearing and not drying. Silk Naturals’ ‘Wham’ is a vibrant fuchsia-purple color that feels divine on the lips – it’s super moisturizing and very pigmented. Both of these lipsticks stain the lips a beautiful pink color. The stain lasts for a few hours.