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Get r eady for the Chicken Raid at Northside Tavern March 22-23, 2014

Northside Tavern, home of the Chicken Raid
Northside Tavern, home of the Chicken Raid
Northside Tavern

It's almost time for the annual Chicken Raid at Northside Tavern. This year's dates are Saturday and Sunday March 22-23. The Chicken Raid is a cherished tradition in the Atlanta blues community. It is held in memory of Mr. Frank Edwards, a beloved bluesman who died in 2002. It benefits his estate. This year, the Raid also will help defray some medical expenses recently incurred by Ms. Beverly "Guitar" Watkins. Regular readers will know that I love Ms. Beverly very much so this makes this year's raid particularly important to me.

The music begins at 2 pm each day. Performers this year include Beverly "Guitar" Watkins and fellow Atlanta legends Eddie Tigner, Albert White, and Essie Mae Brooks, as well as talian guitarist Andrea "Tito" Esposito, Charleston SC's Rockabilly queen Skye Paige, Washington DC's Sol, Michelle Malone, The Rockaholics, Lola, Sammy Blue, and Mudcat, and more.

Tickets are $15 at the door on Saturday and $10 on Sunday. Barbecue plates will be provided by Fat Matt's Rib Shack each day for $5 each.

Come on out to Northside Tavern and join the raid! It's always a great time of good music and warm community feeling!