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Get professional interior design advice for as little as $20 a month

Roomations' site will create custom 3D interiors for your home.
Roomations' site will create custom 3D interiors for your home.
Roomations LLC

Have you ever wanted the advice of a professional interior designer but hesitated because the whole idea seems intimidating and expensive? Now, there's an affordable way to get advice from the pros.

Roomations lets homeowners get a little or a lot of professional interior design advice based on their needs and budget. fo
Roomations LLC

Roomations is an online website that matches up professional interior designers with homeowners. Ultimately, homeowners can pay as little as $20 for basic design advice on a monthly basis; get a style board and three months of advice starting at $250; or ideas to decorate an entire room with three months of advice starting at $400.

"Roomations is designed to be accessible to anyone," says Katie Miller, co-founder and creative director of the company. "There's a built-in convenience to being online. Interior design tends to be intimidating industry. We’ve designed a website that makes interior design easy to use for someone wanting an affordable design solution or who has never used a interior designer."

Roomations operates with a national network of designers who are matched up with consumers based on their style preferences. A first-timer visiting the site can start with a "Find Your Style" quiz, which provides instant results.

Then, users can enter specific project information and upload photos. Roomations uses that information to match the user with designers who may be a good fit. Users are invited to browse designer portfolios before choosing one that fits their tastes.

"All the work is digital," says Miller. "Style boards or concept boards are provided digitally to the user, who then can choose a concept and complete the design process. It is an entirely a virtual process so if you don’t have time to meet with a designer in-house, this approach offers convenience."

As part of the initial project information, users are asked to include their budget. Final recommendations are provided as layout renderings keyed to a shopping list and this is where the approach is truly unique.

The consumer pays only for the design advice. They do their own shopping, which eliminates commissions and other charges that can add up when working with a traditional design service. The shopping list includes all the items needed to replicate the design in the recommendation chosen and each item is available from nationwide retailers.

If the design includes recommendations for new carpet, flooring or painting, it is the responsibility of the consumer to purchase that product or service and oversee its installation if needed, which gives the consumer the ultimate control over the budget.

Roomations was launched in July 2012 and has been successful ever since. "We have actually had clients from all over the U.S. and Canada," says Miller. "We’ve seen quite a few referrals from past customers and repeat customers who have done one room in their house and have come back for another.

"I think the visualization and convenience factors are the big sellers in terms of our product offering," she adds.

For more information, visit Roomations.

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